Verizon’s ICSA Labs Gives Excellence in Information Security Testing Awards

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ICSA Labs, an independent division of Verizon, honored seven companies today with the Excellence in Information Security Testing Award for successful completion of continuous ICSA Labs information security testing.

The Excellence in Information Security Testing Award recognizes clients that have maintained their information security certification with ICSA Labs by annually testing their products for five or more continuous years.

ICSA Labs’ clients benefit by working closely with technical analysts, leveraging criteria for product development, accessing research and participating in consortia, all with the objective of contributing to improved products that benefit customers and the security ecosystem.

The award-winners are:

•Comodo CyberSecurity (10 years of testing)
•Gajshield (15 years of testing)
•Hillstone Networks (5 years of testing)
•Pitney Bowes (15 years of testing)
•SonicWALL (20 years of testing)
•Trend Micro (20 years of testing)
•Zyxel (20 years of testing)

“To maintain ICSA Labs’ information security certification, a company has to be fully committed to achieving this standard year-over-year,” said Sebastien Mazas, general manager, ICSA Labs. “We are very proud to recognize each of these seven outstanding companies with the ICSA Labs Excellence in Information Security Testing Award for their continued quality improvement process and contribution to a more secure environment for the industry.”

Additionally, ICSA Labs recently launched two new certification testing services: Secure SD-WAN solutions and Cloud Based Security Services. ICSA Labs Secure SD-WAN testing aids enterprises faced with selecting a SD-WAN solution that securely handles increased network complexity, inconsistent application performance, and greater risk exposure found in contemporary enterprise networks.

ICSA Labs’ Cloud-Based Security Services tests network security services provided by infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) cloud vendors. Vendors who partner with IaaS cloud companies to provide network security, including firewall and web application firewall services, are eligible for the new Cloud Based Security Services.