Verimatrix Unveils VCAS Monitoring in the Cloud


Verimatrix, the enabler in powering the modern connected world with people-centered security, has announced general availability of its latest cloud-based content protection monitoring capabilities through its Video Content Authority System (VCAS).

These newest additions to the Verimatrix VCAS solution bring the option of best of cloud-enabled monitoring capabilities to the on-premises Verimatrix customers of today and tomorrow.


A unique mix of cloud-based technologies that offers the video content industry new and easy everywhere-access to subscriber experiences and trends, the latest Verimatrix VCAS monitoring is available to current and prospective clients – prioritizing the need to powerfully mix intelligence with revenue preservation and ease of use amid today’s ever-increasing threat of bad actors. It also helps maximize performance and minimize delivery latency.

“As one of the industry’s most trusted and long-serving video content security solution providers, Verimatrix is pleased to provide added value for our current and future VCAS customers who look to us for unrivaled user experiences as well as proven revenue protection for movies, live sports, and other high-value entertainment,” said Andrew Bear, VP of VCAS Business at Verimatrix. “VCAS continues to innovate, and our latest release delivers next-generation cloud monitoring services expected from today’s most-discerning customers.”

New Dashboards include:

VCAS IPTV Activity Dashboard – offers IPTV content key access activity such as average key request transaction rate, total and hourly channel key requests, key request latency, and the average of authorized channels.

OTT Dashboard – offers information on key requests made for over-the-top content such as average key request transaction rate, total number of VOD and DTV key requests per-minute, and the hourly key rate request and key request latency by sever.

VCAS Multi-DRM activity dashboard provides info on Multi-DRMs and devices, such as device population, license key requests traffic, latency of key requests, and entitlement transaction rates.

OMI Dashboard – offers information on interactions with the Verimatrix VCAS Operator Management Interface (OMI), such as entitlements added and removed from the system, average provisioning transaction rate and number of subscriber devices handled by each Verimatrix VCAS server.