Vattenfall Eurofiber Picks Calix to Reduce OpEx


Calix, Inc. has announced that Vattenfall Eurofiber GmbH (Vattenfall) has selected the Intelligent Access EDGE and Network Innovation Platform (AXOS®) to connect Berlin homes and businesses to a new, high-speed 10G fiber network.

Vattenfall plans to deploy the Calix E7®-2 Intelligent Modular System—powered by the Network Innovation Platform—to build a future-proof, open-access network.

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The Intelligent Access EDGE and Network Innovation Platform will significantly increase efficiency and simplify operations, helping Vattenfall lower OPEX and CAPEX by up to 80 percent in potential combined savings. The new software-defined network will reach more than 500,000 households and businesses in Berlin, delivering enhanced bandwidth at up to 10G speeds.

Calix everyPON network spans both GPON and XGS-PON technologies, enabling local broadband service providers (BSPs) to use them for a wide range of residential and commercial applications. Vattenfall’s fiber deployment will be a flagship model for a new generation of fiber networks across Europe to replace legacy copper-based infrastructure. Vattenfall will build out the network through 2026. Calix value added retailer ANEDIS GmbH AR will work with Vattenfall to facilitate local service integration.

Open-access fiber network operators deliver a state-of-the-art network to their retail BSP customers. In turn, those BSPs can take advantage of the many benefits of owning a network—without the typical level of OPEX and CAPEX necessary for running it. They enjoy new levels of scalability, programmability, and automation, enabling them to simplify operations and excite their subscribers with innovative new services. Finally, residential and business subscribers benefit from the freedom to choose the BSP whose service offerings best fit their needs.

“Efficiency and simplicity matter a great deal to us,” said Arian de Korte, COO of Vattenfall Eurofiber GmbH. “They translate into substantially reduced OPEX and CAPEX year-over-year. That is absolutely critical for the design, roll out, and management of open-access networks. These advantages are the main reasons why we chose the Calix Intelligent Access EDGE. We’re deeply committed to building a future-proof fiber network that will provide fast and reliable connectivity to half a million residences and businesses throughout Berlin. We look forward to working with Calix as we expand our presence in Germany with this landmark 10G fiber network.”

“Vattenfall has taken the lead in dramatically raising Germany’s low fiber adoption rate,” said Eoin Heaney, vice president of sales, Europe, at Calix. “The Intelligent Access EDGE and the Network Innovation Platform will play a major role in future-proofing the new network and satisfying the ever-growing subscriber demand for expanded bandwidth. Moreover, our solutions will enable Vattenfall to both reduce expenditures and increase revenue by simplifying operations, streamlining management activities, and rapidly accelerating subscriber turnups.”

To support its growing presence in the country, Calix recently joined BREKO, Germany’s leading broadband association. BREKO member companies, including Vattenfall, are committed to collaboratively promoting the deployment of fiber networks to support government broadband rollout targets. The Federal German Government plans to invest up to 12 billion EUR ($14.3 billion) in various connectivity projects, including fiber, as part of its plan to deliver gigabit broadband service throughout Germany by 2025.