Valmet selects Elisa, Vodafone Business to Enable SD-WAN Solution

Elisa Logo

Valmet has chosen Elisa, a Finnish pioneer in telecommunications and digital services, as its prime partner to provide global data network and related data security services for the company.

Working closely with Vodafone Business, Elisa will monitor and manage the data traffic of Valmet’s network and its local area network in more than 150 locations on five different continents. The Elisa solution enables Valmet´s business growth via new digitalized services and customer experiences and is one of the most automated network solutions in the world.

SD-WAN Innovation

“The overall solution offered by Elisa and Vodafone Business met our ambitious needs when we were looking for a new Next Generation Network solution. Our objective was to find a global solution that would be as comprehensive as possible to support a shift from a typical corporate network centric operating environment towards a cloud enabled global digital platform,” says Janne Puustinen, CIO, Valmet.

The SD-WAN network solution, implemented by Elisa, builds on three mainstays: advanced network automation, reliable network architecture and an international partner network. The partner network includes Vodafone, a leading telecommunications company in Europe and Africa.

Elisa´s advanced software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) makes it possible to manage services outside physical networks, enabling global network management and monitoring. Software-defined networks provide an excellent basis for making rapid changes to the network according to business needs and for taking full advantage of automation in Valmet’s Next Generation Network solution.

“It’s an honour to have the responsibility for the operation and quality of Valmet’s global network solution. Thanks to the automation, transparency and performance of the network, we are able to support Valmet´s business in different business situations. The cooperation with Valmet’s network and data network´s security services is a great continuum for our long-term cooperation,” says Anna-Mari Ylihurula Vice President, Corporate Customers, Elisa.

“We are pleased to leverage our long standing partnership with Elisa to help Valmet on their transformation journey. We’re providing Elisa with access to Vodafone’s global network and the ability to serve multinational corporations like Valmet,” says David Joosten, Regional Director, Vodafone Americas and Partner Markets, Vodafone Business.

Elisa’s centre for network and data security services is located in Finland close to Valmet’s roots. With network management and operation (NOC), Elisa will be able to monitor the state of Valmet’s global network from Finland, and take necessary action remotely or by using its agile network of partners. The new cooperation will also be benefit Valmet in the future, when services are strongly moved to the cloud and 5G technology is utilized more extensively.