DZS joins O-RAN Alliance and Telecom Infra Project

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DZS, a global enabler of mobile, fixed broadband and enterprise access networking solutions representing 1,000+ communications service providers and enterprise customers, has reinforced its commitment to open standards and cross-industry collaboration by announcing its support of the O-RAN Alliance, Broadband Forum, and Telecom Infra Project.

“Network operators, our fellow ecosystem participants and end users alike view freedom of choice and open, software-driven systems to be the key ingredient of modern networks and services – whether its 5G, optical broadband and Fiber-to-the-Premises, smart cities, connected homes, or Internet of Things” said Andrew Bender, CTO & Business Development Leader of DZS. “By investing in open standards and technology partnerships through organizations like O-RAN Alliance, Broadband Forum and Telecom Infra Project, DZS aligns with other like-minded innovators and ecosystem initiatives driving transformation in the communications industry. Our groundbreaking partnership with Rakuten to build what we believe is the world’s first fully virtualized, cloud-native mobile network supporting the Open RAN (O-RAN) architectural model is just one example of how DZS is enabling service providers worldwide to leverage open architectures and software-defined approaches to evolve fixed and mobile broadband networks, enable new services and improve the experience for both our customers, and the subscribers to these networks.”

Already an industry leader with its standards-based products and architectures, DZS is advancing a commitment to openness and interoperability through engagement with prominent standards bodies:

O-RAN Alliance – Along with partner and new member Rakuten Mobile, DZS has joined the O-RAN Alliance to progress the realization of technology, standards, and interoperation of O-RAN aligned implementations.

Founded in 2018, the O-RAN Alliance is transforming the Radio Access Network towards an open, intelligent, virtualized and software-defined RAN architecture and ecosystem
Broadband Forum – DZS has renewed its Principal Vendor membership in Broadband Forum, the broadband industry’s leading standards and interoperability organization. With projects spanning 5G, Connected Home, CloudCO, and Access, DZS is in close alignment with virtually every aspect of its work. DZS has been active in Broadband Forum historically, both as a Silver Sponsor and frequent speaker in its Broadband Acceleration Seminar (BASe) series as well as a major contributor to its Cloud Central Office (CloudCO) and Open Broadband – Broadband Access Abstraction (OB-BAA) initiatives and demonstrations.

Telecom Infra Project (TIP) – Reflecting its longstanding commitment to customer freedom of choice, DZS has joined the TIP. Originally founded by Facebook in 2016, this global community of organizations is working to accelerate development, testing and deployment of open, disaggregated and standards-based connectivity platforms for fixed, mobile, and non-terrestrial access and transport networks.

With its forward-looking business strategy centered on open standards, joint ecosystem partnerships and enabling software-defined networks and services, DZS empowers its customers with freedom of choice and the agility to pursue open networks and best-in-class solutions. The future of 5G mobile edge access, broadband access, and the customer premises is clearly aligned with open solutions implemented on flexible, highly scalable and interoperable networks without vendor lock-in concerns. As a key participant in TIP, O-RAN Alliance, and Broadband Forum, DZS is actively turning the promise of this future into reality.