Valley Communications drives high-speed Broadband to Nevada homes, businesses with RADWIN JET


Valley Communications Association LLC – a wholly owned subsidiary of the Valley Electric Association utility company in Nevada – has deployed hundreds of RADWIN JET base stations in its network.

JET provides high-speed broadband to over 5,000 business and residential customers, and Valley Communications Association plans to serve over 20,000 customers with JET.

Speaking on this deployment, Ken Johnson, Executive VP – Broadband Business, Valley Communications Association, said, “We recognized the growing need for high-speed broadband in our rural communities, which are underserved by commercial service providers. To meet this need quickly and cost-effectively, we chose RADWIN’s JET fixed wireless access solutions. JET allows us to rapidly roll out a carrier-class network while we build out our fiber optic network. With JET, our home and business users can benefit from fast Internet, video streaming and bandwidth-intense applications crucial to their businesses and daily lives.”

Dennis Stipati, RADWIN General Manager North America, explained, “Many electricity cooperatives are installing RADWIN’s JET solutions to bring broadband to the communities they serve, mainly in rural areas. JET allows electricity cooperatives such as the Valley Communications Association to leverage their existing infrastructure, expertise and customer base to deliver high-quality broadband and not just electricity. In today’s world where demand for broadband is skyrocketing, fixed wireless broadband is the optimal technology for complementing fiber thanks to its reliability, fast rollout times and high performance.”

RADWIN is a global provider of Point-to-Multipoint and Point-to-Point broadband wireless solutions. Incorporating advanced technologies such as a Beamforming antenna and an innovative Air Interface, RADWIN’s systems deliver optimal performance in the toughest conditions including high interference and obstructed line-of-sight.