UTStarcom Unveils SkyFlux UAR Disaggregated Router Platform


UTStarcom, a global telecommunications infrastructure provider, has announced its newest platform, the SkyFlux UAR Disaggregated Router.

The platform applies the network disaggregation concept onto carrier-grade modular redundant router platforms optimized for telecommunications networks, resulting in an open, flexible, and future-proof solution that can meet the requirements of telecom applications such as 5G backhaul/midhaul, broadband aggregation, metro access and aggregation networks.

The network disaggregation concept offers many potential benefits to telecommunication network operators:

An open and competitive ecosystem that speeds up evolution and drives prices down

A software-centric nature that enables faster innovation and supports the flexibility to quickly adopt functionality needed by network operators

Eliminates vendor lock-in through the rich ecosystem of compatible components, both commercial and open-source

Provides a variety of hardware and software options from which to select, enabling the integration of best-of-breed platforms, products, and components

Promotes an active role for a network operator in the product life cycle

Offers the potential for cost reduction of network infrastructure
The SkyFlux UAR Disaggregated Router platform combines the strengths, flexibility, and low TCO benefits of modular chassis-based hardware platforms with all the advantages of the software-centric network disaggregation paradigm.

The initial release of the platform includes 3 chassis-based modular disaggregated routers (SkyFlux UAR400A-04X, SkyFlux UAR500A-08X, and SkyFlux UAR500B-12X) and the SkyFlux NOS Network Operating System. The SkyFlux UAR Disaggregated Router platform components can be integrated to work together, or can be used separately for integration with compatible third party commercial or open-source components.

The highlights of UTStarcom’s solution include:

A unique combination of advanced carrier-grade chassis-based redundant hardware platforms with all the benefits of the disaggregation paradigm

Telco-focused hardware design featuring the Broadcom DNX chip, multi-core x86 CPU, hardware support for high-accuracy PTP/SyncE, Segment Routing, MPLS, FlexE, redundancy, a variety of interfaces, modular chassis flexibility and scalability

Choice of UT’s own SkyFlux NOS (Network Operating System) or third party NOS platforms. Packaged with hardware drivers for the porting of a third party NOS and pre-loaded with Open Network Install Environment (ONIE)

Flexibility to meet all integration scenarios: a complete solution with UT’s carrier-grade HW, NOS, and SDN controller, or open integration with third party components

Customization of hardware and software platforms to meet operators’ requirements.

Li Hua, UTStarcom’s Chief Executive Officer, commented, “Network disaggregation with its potential to transform the industry and to open many new technological and business opportunities to both operators and suppliers, is one of the key strategic focus areas for UTStarcom now. As a leading global telecommunications infrastructure provider, we have been actively working with our customers (including major telecom network operators) on network disaggregation technologies, providing product development and integration services. We are excited to announce our own disaggregated network platform, which leverages our expertise in both integrated and disaggregated networking platforms for the telecom market. This release should further strengthen our position in this dynamic market, particularly as applied to 5G transport networks.”

UTStarcom’s Vice President of Optical Network Systems R&D, Lingrong Lu said: “Network disaggregation has many benefits and is very attractive to network operators. When designing their networks, telecom operators keep high standards, and expect platforms with carrier-grade quality and reliability, advanced hardware features such as redundancy, deep packet buffer, accurate synchronization support in hardware, and a variety of interfaces, as well as support of the latest networking technologies. Operators require this whether they are evaluating a fully integrated or a disaggregated network solution. Our newest SkyFlux UAR Disaggregated Router platform was designed with this idea in mind, to deliver a truly carrier-grade solution with the benefits of network disaggregation to our customers.”