Twilio to Acquire Zipwhip, a Provider of Toll-Free Messaging in the US

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Twilio, the cloud communications platform, has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Zipwhip for approximately $850 million in an equal blend of cash and stock. The transaction is expected to close by the end of 2021.

“Messaging is becoming a preferred way for consumers to engage with brands, therefore it’s critical to provide multiple messaging options,” said Simon Khalaf, SVP and general manager of the Twilio Communications Platform. “By bringing together the world’s leading cloud communications platform and a trusted partner in the messaging ecosystem, we have the ability to deliver more secure, high-quality toll-free traffic at scale. We are thrilled to welcome Zipwhip to the Twilio team as we continue our journey to become the world’s leading customer engagement platform trusted by developers and companies globally.”

Twilio and Zipwhip share a vision for the future of business messaging and its growing role within customer engagement,” said John Lauer, CEO and co-founder of Zipwhip. “Zipwhip’s goal is to make sure every business we serve can text their customers using their existing business phone numbers and, together, we have a unique opportunity to elevate the customer experience, helping brands better communicate via a trusted and growing channel that’s been proven to drive long-term customer satisfaction.”

Twilio’s vision is to build the world’s leading customer engagement platform trusted by developers and companies globally. A key piece of this vision is providing multiple, secure communication channels giving businesses options to communicate with their customers on the channel they prefer. Twilio offers cloud-scale APIs for SMS, WhatsApp, and chat and continues to strengthen its messaging products, services and reach, including through new offerings such as Frontline and recent acquisitions. Twilio sends and receives over 105 billion messages per year and has sent and received more than 592 million messages in a single day.

Zipwhip’s business texting platform enables companies to reach their customers quickly and easily through SMS. Organizations can text enable their existing toll-free phone number in minutes and seamlessly fit texting into their workflows using Zipwhip’s customizable APIs, suite of integrations or software product. As a trusted partner to carriers and a leading provider of toll-free messaging in the US with a growing presence internationally, Zipwhip provides onboarding, gateway, registry, and spam detection and remediation for all of the major U.S. carriers. The toll-free messaging channel has grown in prominence over recent years. Zipwhip currently has 30,000 customers globally, including resellers, and has seen more than 400% growth over the past three years.