Twilio SendGrid Debuts Expert Service Offerings for Developers

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Twilio, the cloud communications platform, has introduced new Expert Service offerings from Twilio SendGrid that provide customers with options for additional support, education, detailed data and analytics, and expert guidance to help optimize their email programs and drive business results.

Now, customers of all sizes can increase their return on investment for their email programs with a variety of consulting, data analysis and managed service packages that work best for them.

Globally, 15% of emails never make it to the inbox, according to Return Path. With industry-average deliverability rates so low, many businesses are struggling to engage their customers via email. Whether businesses have a dedicated in-house email manager or a small marketing operation that owns multiple customer communication channels, email is difficult to get right.

With email marketing continuing to be the best digital marketing channel for return on investment, according to the Data & Marketing Association, senders can’t afford to miss out.

“Customers utilizing Twilio SendGrid’s Expert Services have seen an average 97% deliverability rate versus the industry average of 85%,” said Steve Sloan, chief product and marketing officer at Twilio SendGrid. “With our in-house team of dedicated experts, customers can leverage the Twilio SendGrid team’s nearly 100 years of combined experience to improve data analysis and guidance to optimize their email programs and increase their return on investment.”

Customers of all sizes can now:

Benefit from Twilio SendGrid’s email experience from its large team of in-house experts and deep relationships within the email ecosystem.

Uncover optimization areas to maximize email return on investment.
Be more effective in their role with best practices, education and time-saving reporting and guidance.

Customers such as Bandsintown, The Hustle, Paperless Post, Commissions Inc. and SEEK, among many others, have leveraged Expert Services to improve their email programs:

“Our work with Twilio SendGrid’s Expert Services team has had a direct impact on our company’s top line concert revenue and user engagement,” said Michael Reiczyk, solutions architect at Bandsintown. “We came to Twilio SendGrid’s email consultants for an overall health assessment and optimization of our email program. The team’s scientific and data-driven approach coupled with their deep relationships with mailbox service providers such as Gmail, Yahoo! and Microsoft have resulted in immediate, material improvements in our email volume, email delivery, unique opens and clicks.”

“The Expert Services team has been immensely helpful to Paperless Post as we ensure our hosts’ email invitations are delivered to their guests’ inboxes,” said Ricky Leung, vice president of engineering at Paperless Post. “Earlier this year, we launched email functionality with our Flyer invitation product, which was powered by Twilio SendGrid’s email platform. This functionality helps our customers track engagement with their email invitations. We set an initial NPS score goal of 60 for Flyer, and with the help of Twilio SendGrid’s deliverability expertise, we exceeded it with a score of 70.”

“We calculated that if we even got only 1,000 more people to open every day because of our email consultation, it pays for itself and more,” says John Havel, co-founder of The Hustle. “It’s a small expense for a potential huge return. Because of our engagement with Twilio SendGrid, we now have the knowledge and understanding to build out our current email infrastructure. We were blind beforehand.”

Expansion of Twilio SendGrid’s Expert Service Offerings

Twilio SendGrid’s new Expert Service offerings dramatically expand the reach of its existing services. Packages range from implementation services which guide customers through program setup, to one-time services that optimize strategies and send performance, to ongoing services where customers are partnered with dedicated email experts to optimize multiple aspects of their email strategy to meet long- and short-term goals. New package offerings include:

Trusted Communications Partner

Twilio SendGrid has deep relationships with mailbox service providers such as Gmail, Yahoo! and Microsoft, and is heavily invested in working with the anti-abuse community to ensure the safety and security of the entire mailbox ecosystem.

Twilio SendGrid’s Expert Services team brings to bear industry best practices to help educate customers on sending wanted email according to published best practices that help differentiate their mail streams from that of cyber criminals. By focusing on not only the technical architecture to deliver email at scale but the proven techniques to establish trust and dialogue with recipients, Twilio SendGrid is transforming the inbox one successful customer at a time through the application of policies leading to greater trusted communications.