TV Azteca, Vault AI launch “AUDIENCE INSIGHTS” in Mexico

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TV Azteca, one of the two largest producers of Spanish-language television programming in the world, is launching together with Vault AI, “Real Unscripted”, a consumer insights prediction platform for unscripted content.

As a pioneer of artificial-intelligence-driven market research for entertainment content, Vault AI is rapidly disrupting traditional research methodologies which use surveys and focus groups to evaluate consumers’ response to television show pilots, for example. In addition, Vault’s platform reduces the risk of story leaks by 99%.

Vault AI has long recognized the importance of unscripted shows to television networks – per Variety, unscripted accounted for 78% of cable television shows airing new episodes in 2019. As the media landscape evolves, unscripted has become increasingly important to SVOD services as well, rising from just 24% of streaming content in production in December 2018 to 51% in December 2019.

To optimize the “Real Unscripted” platform for both COVID-19 and post-COVID-19 use cases, Vault AI developed the product in cooperation with blue chip streaming and linear television clients in the US and globally. This cooperative development empowered Vault AI to not only predict audience engagement, demographics, and demand drivers as they do for Scripted content, but also expand features to replace traditional research methods such as dial testing.

Whereas traditional audience research involves showing respondents a summary of a script or a trailer and collecting feedback via surveys or focus groups, Vault’s approach is respondent-free. By focusing on the show’s primary concepts and character profiles, Vault AI predicts the audience response and composition by identifying and analyzing the historical performance of similar content. Rather than asking consumers “how likely are you to watch this show?” Vault AI looks at actual consumer engagement with similar content, eliminating respondent bias and the impact of leading questions (not to mention leaks and spoilers).

TV Azteca´s use of this artificial intelligence audience analysis platform results from its original partnership with Vault Analytics done in April 2018, and Benjamin Salinas´, CEO of TV Azteca, “Vision 2020” aiming to combine technology and content to evolve the company through the radical changes in the global entertainment industry.