TDS Telecom Expands Fiber Network in Waynesboro

Network Infrastructure

As part of a TDS Telecom (TDS®) fiber-optic service expansion project, 1 gigabit (1Gig) internet, TV, and phone service are now available to 1,115 Waynesboro addresses.

This network improvement project is the latest in a series of service upgrades that have also impacted both Clifton and Collinwood, Tennessee. The phased launch of fiber connections in Waynesboro will continue in the months ahead, eventually reaching about 1,780 area locations.

“The fiber network offers the speed and bandwidth consumers are looking for in today’s connected world,” says Julie Maiers, vice president of Marketing and Product Development at TDS. “Simply put, fiber-based services give you a great online experience regardless of whether you’re working, attending classes, or just having fun gaming or using social media.”

Along with 1Gig internet speeds, the growth of TDS’ fiber footprint also expands the availability of TDS TV®+. TDS’ cloud-based TV service combines live TV—broadcast channels, regional sports content, and national cable channels—with streaming services like Netflix.

New to the TDS product lineup, TDS TV+ uses smart technology to provide custom recommendations based on a customer’s viewing habits. The service includes a voice-activated remote that allows customers to have quick access to the full functionality of their TV experience. Customers can also stream live TV and recordings on personal devices at home or on-the-go with TV Everywhere.

This network expansion offers business customers internet access and transport connections up to 10Gig via dedicated fiber and TDS managedIP, a hosted VoIP communications solution. TDS TV® is also available to business customers in the fiber footprint.