Transports Vervaeke Taps Juniper Mist to Enable AI-Driven Network

Juniper Networks

Juniper Networks, an enabler in secure, AI-driven networks, has announced that Transports Vervaeke, an international chemical and fuel logistics provider, has chosen the Wireless LAN (WLAN) platform from Mist Systems, a Juniper company, to streamline network operations and improve employee productivity in the company’s garages, warehouses and office locations across Europe.

From the Benelux, northern France and the Ruhr region of Germany, Transports Vervaeke serves its customers all over Europe, transporting chemicals, gas, fuel and other dangersome goods. It also offers a wide range of international logistics services by road, train and sea.

Digital Transformation

After doubling in size through two acquisitions in the last three years, the company’s IT department has been focused on consolidating and modernizing applications and creating an agile digital workplace that fosters flexibility. An AI-driven network from Mist Systems is key to this endeavor, enabling consistent and reliable access to disparate tools from any location, while simultaneously providing the insight needed for IT to ensure the best possible user experiences.

Transports Vervaeke is in the process of modernizing fleet management operations, starting with the customization, maintenance and operation of the applications, systems and processes needed to manage 750 tractors, 1,000 tank trailers and 750 tank containers. This enables greater support for mission-critical operations around the shipping of dangerous loads, particularly where auditable compliance is important.

Juniper Mist Access Points and Wi-Fi Assurance software is essential to Transports Vervaeke’s digital transformation project. For instance, it enables mobile devices to gradually replace clipboards and paper in garages and warehouses so technicians can access work orders remotely, update workflow tasks, check inventory for parts, place orders and even automatically trigger invoicing when jobs are complete.

The Mist Wi-Fi solution is also available to employees and visitors in the company’s corporate offices. The company now has the flexibility within its offices to be mobile with laptops and handheld devices. When employees travel to other company locations, their devices are automatically connected upon arrival.

With Mist’s WxLAN policy engine, office and field workers gain the benefits of remaining connected throughout the facilities while the IT team retains control over network usage. Administrators can configure role-based policies to block or shape traffic for applications that are undesired on the business network.

Transports Vervaeke has reduced troubleshooting time, using Marvis, Mist’s AI-Driven Virtual Network Assistant. This delivers unprecedented connectivity insights, ultimately simplifying network troubleshooting and operations for the company.

With virtual Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) built into the APs and unsupervised machine learning, Mist Systems simplifies and boosts the accuracy of location services. Transports Vervaeke plans to leverage this virtual BLE capability to identify and locate vehicles for required servicing, maintenance or cleaning as they enter a site, further streamlining operations.

Transports Vervaeke selected Juniper Networks’ Elite partner Infradata, a leading cybersecurity and cloud networking solutions provider in Belgium, to design and deliver the AI-driven network solution.

“We are in the midst of a full digitalization of our company and we have made a lot of progress around our processes and information flows to ensure smooth operations and continued growth. With Mist’s AI-driven solution, we can revolutionize our operational environment, deliver a better experience for our employees and optimize our business processes,” said, Mario De Smedt, IT Manager, Transports Vervaeke.

“It is essential for logistics organizations to ensure that customer orders are processed efficiently and delivered to the right place at the right time, even if circumstances and requirements suddenly change between departure and delivery. Juniper Mist will support Transports Vervaeke’s plan to use AI-driven IT to bring consistent visibility and real-time responses across countries, increase efficiency and ensure regulatory compliance with a visual transportation management system. Overall, this means that Transports Vervaeke is able to take its customer service into a new paradigm, as well as improving the operational experience for its employees,” said, James Morgan, Vice President, Enterprise Sales, EMEA Juniper Networks.