3 Indonesia Taps Nokia to unleash more capacity for 4G

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Nokia has deployed its 3G-4G dynamic spectrum sharing (DSS) technology in 3 Indonesia’s live network infrastructure to help the operator dynamically extend its 4G bandwidth when the demand for 3G subsides.

The operator has just concluded a trial of Nokia’s DSS software upgrade in Makassar, the capital city of Sulawesi, prior to a nationwide deployment. The trial extended 1.8 MHz of 4G bandwidth resulting in unleashing eighteen percent more spectrum for 4G customers without compromising 3G services.

In Indonesia, as the demand for 3G starts to decrease, the migration to 4G becomes one of the hottest topics for operators. Nokia’s state-of-the-art DSS technology allows 3 Indonesia to quickly extend 4G spectrum by reducing 3G spectrum in a dynamic fashion. DSS is based on the actual usage demands of both 3G and 4G customers which varies significantly in different geographic locations and different times of the day. As it is performed automatically without the operator’s manual intervention, 3 Indonesia is able to manage the spectrum resource efficiently to support customer demand.

Desmond Cheung, CTO, 3 Indonesia said, “Growing our subscriber base with limited spectrum is one of our major challenges but Nokia’s dynamic spectrum sharing technology gives us more network capacity for the seamless transition from 3G to 4G. We are very happy to work with Nokia to bring in this new technology to Indonesia so as to increase the network capacity and data speed to meet the ever increasing data demands.”

Andrew Cope, Vice President of Mobile Networks in Asia Pacific & Japan at Nokia, said, “We have been a long-standing partner of 3 Indonesia and are happy that 3 can pioneer our 3G-4G DSS technology implementation in Indonesia. The successful trial demonstrates our leadership in helping our customers to optimize their networks efficiently.”