TraceSpan Showcasing ‘LTE-Advanced Xpert’ Analyzer at CommunicAsia 2015


TraceSpan Communications, a global player in broadband analysis and monitoring solutions, has unveiled its LTE-Advanced Xpert to its established product line of multi-layer analyzers.

The company will be showcasing the ‘LTE-Advanced Xpert’ at the CommunicAsia 2015, in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore on June 2-5.

The LTE-Advanced Xpert is a powerful solution for engineering teams of mobile service providers, equipment manufacturers and system integrators that develop, deploy and operate LTE and LTE-Advanced networks.

Located between a base station and its served mobile devices, the LTE-Advanced Xpert captures the uplink and downlink transmission and performs full analysis in real time to provide fast troubleshooting tools and complete view into the elements of the radio access network. In contrast to the sophistication of the LTE technology, the LTE-Advanced Xpert is built for easy configuration and intuitive usage.

“The interface between end-user equipment and the radio base stations has always been a blind spot for mobile service providers and the pain point for the majority of their service issues”, said Dr. Hanan Herzberg, TraceSpan founder and CEO. “The LTE-Advance Xpert provides deep visibility with intuitive displays into that space. This is an excellent way for operations teams and developers to identify the root cause of escalated customer issues without having to know every detailed aspect of the highly complex LTE standards. They can also use it to explore both field and lab issues and to improve acceptance testing for new mobile device models or radio equipment’s software updates.”

The LTE-Advanced Xpert supports Carrier Aggregation of up to five carriers and up to 8×8 MIMO configurations. The product supports data capture through direct wired connectivity or over-the-air probing in all standard LTE frequency bands. Its data analysis capabilities include network topology, status alerts, configurable triggers and events, scheduling maps, standard procedures tracking and parsed massages of downlink and uplink traffic in the various LTE protocol layers and upper layers.