mCarbon unveils interactive end of call notification for pre–paid users


mCarbon, a mobile technology solution provider has launched Interactive End of Call Notification (iEOCN),an adaptive contextual marketing platform which will reach out to estimated 200 M mobile subscribers per day expected to propel significant growth in the ARPU of Telcos.

iEOCN is the next step in the evolution of customer marketing for telcos; which works by extracting more value from an operator’s data and enabling faster, more intelligent customer interactions.

With lot of customer data being passed through networks, it is evident these subscriber information is useless unless combined with other relevant data to create targeted campaigns in real time and iEOCN platform facilitates exactly that.

The platform provides a framework to capture customer data insights, manage and filter information basis applied business rules.It is an effective tool for telcos as they can optimize the number of campaigns basis individual customer preferences helping them increase upsell of products in real time.

“Interactive End of Call Notification (i-eocn) advances beyond rudimentary campaigns and adopts a contextual multichannel engagement model, that creates highly engaging customer interaction and an experience that cannot be replicated by traditional marketing methods or third-party data sources” said Rajesh Razdan, co founder and CEO, mCarbon

iEOCN platform processes millions of events every second in real-time, filter and contextually enrich the same to determine the key events that might affect customer experience. Such a solution helps achieve greater operational insight into customer facing processes and value-added services. It ultimately helps increase customer satisfaction, retention and lower costs by discerning patterns and trends that would otherwise go unnoticed.