Top 7 Career Options after MBA in Marketing

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Master of Business Administration(MBA) is one of the most sought-after post-graduation degree programmes as it opens the door for job opportunities across various sectors. MBA is a vast academic programme covering all facets of business operations, from marketing and finance to human resources. Hence, students get the flexibility to choose an MBA specialisation in-line with their future objectives. Opting for an MBA in marketing leads to a host of career opportunities across an array of fields.

MBA in Marketing: Programme Overview

MBA is a two-year master’s degree programme structurally divided into four-semester coursework. An MBA with marketing specialisation nurtures and prepares the students to become exceptional marketing professionals with analytical thinking in the specialised area through workshops, projects, case studies, masterclasses by industry experts, internship programmes, and other pedagogical tools.

An MBA in marketing offers a multitude of advantages, such as career growth, knowledge enhancement, increased earning potential, and an avenue for industry-oriented skill development.

Let us look at the top 7 career options after completing an MBA in marketing.

  1. Brand Manager

A brand manager is a professional responsible for building and managing brand integrity and values across all channels. They work towards adapting new brand strategies in sync with the target market. These professionals essentially shape the vision and mission of the brands while effectively delivering it to the customers. A brand manager works closely toward understanding and studying the customer’s insight to offer an effective marketing campaign to generate leads and attract customers.

  1. Digital Marketing Manager

Digital marketing managers are proficient in adapting to the latest marketing strategies and tools. A digital marketing professional is responsible for running the right digital marketing campaign right from initiating the concept to its final execution.

  1. Sales Manager

The sales team of any organisation works at the core of business operations. Sales managers are tasked with setting quotas and adjusting and evaluating sales team performance while finding new ways to drive sales. They also ensure that the sales team reaches its target on time for organisational growth and profitability.

  1. Marketing Research Analyst

A market research analyst gathers all market-related data and new market trends and targets a specific audience, ultimately leading to effective marketing campaigns. Analysts also look at various organisational problems related to the market and solve them using data. Leading companies such as Nielsen, Amazon, and Flipkart are constantly looking for market research analysts from top-notch business schools in India to get a more profound and better insight into the customers.

  1. Business Development Manager

Business development managers are professionals highly concerned with the growth and development of a company. They work towards identifying new business opportunities that can help improve revenue and the organisation’s profitability. These professionals carefully strategise the plan and position them in appropriate areas to enhance the business operation and improve the brand’s reputation.

  1. Public Relations Manager

Public relations or PR managers coordinate all the organisation’s public relations activities. They are responsible for developing marketing and communication plans and building media relations strategies. PR professionals create a positive corporate image of the company before the stakeholders.

  1. SEO Manager

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO manager manages the brand’s paid campaigns on various search engines. SEO is a major digital marketing strategy that has proven to generate brand leads. An SEO manager typically handles the display ads on Google. They manage all SEO aspects, including strategy, budgeting, execution, and more.

These are only the top seven career options for an MBA in marketing graduate. The marketing division offers tremendous employment opportunities that can directly impact the business’s growth and profitability. If you aspire to build a future-proof career, then an MBA in marketing can be the right fit.