Top 5 Golf Gadgets This Year


Golf gadgets come in different sizes, shapes, and categories. All golf gadgets will help you in playing only if they are used correctly. Golf gadgets are the must thing to keep in your bag as it will help you in tracking, training, analyzing, and whatnot.

In modern days, golf gadgets are a necessity as they save you from penning down all the analysis of their gameplay manually. Now the time has arrived when a golf player will be a data collector himself. When combining the data with an tech system, the golf gadget ensure that it is

  • Are handy for you,
  • Tackles your task impressively, and
  • Helps you in improving your performance, without a trainer.

Have a look at some of our essential golf gadgets, which will help you in playing a beautiful golf game whether you are a pro or a beginner.

  1. Golf Training Systems

The days are gone when golf was taught by the trainers but now the trainers are in your golf bag. There are many golf resources available including golfer pros and equipment guides for those that are new to outdoor sports but gadgets are starting to become more prevalent as the top way to help improve. Yes! The golf training systems now will help you improve your game and tell you about the tips and tricks of the game instead of a trainer. These training systems are durable, tough, and also help you in workouts, warm-ups, and even practices.

There are different kinds of training systems designed generally or specifically for one move. There are many multipurpose golf training systems used for training and improving your game. However, some are designed to focus on one thing like improving golf motions, or swing speed training systems.

These gadgets are proved to produce results in some time if they are used accurately and perfectly. Some Examples are SKLZ Gold Flex Trainer, EyeLine Golf Speed Trap, and Tour Striker Smart Balls. Make these super useful gadgets a part of your golf bag and you are good to conquer the golfing world.

  1. Golf Shot Tracking Systems

Golf tracking systems are used to track and sometimes record your golf motions on the golf course. The most used is a golf shot tracking systems that record your shots, then you upload it to a device and go through your shots and learn to improve from the mistakes you did in the previous shots.

They usually come in handy watches or are designed in smartphones with GPS abilities. The examples of some handy watch are shot scope. All tracking systems have their strength and weaknesses but these watches easily capture your move and are suitable for and are not painful as well. If you are not a watch lover but love to play golf then this will be a big tick for you. These watches and apps can also tell the difference between an actual shot and a practice swing. Other examples of Shot tracking Systems are Garmin Approach CT10 and Arccos.

  1. Golf GPS Apps

When we say you just need a smartphone to become pro at golf, many of you won’t believe us but it is true. A smartphone with GPS abilities and some good golf apps downloaded in your phone can help you increase your productivity and performance of the game. With the help of these apps, you can view your distance or tracking shots. You can stimulate your game with these apps, can analyze your swings and can view your location as well.

The trickiest thing is to keep track of the distance but who knows that a small gadget kept in your pocket can track that as well. Compare your live scores and send your perfectly shot golf videos to your friends, all is made easy with the help of these gadgets. And the good part is some of these apps are free as well and doesn’t cost you heavy amounts of money. Keep your scorecard in your pocket with the help of these apps. What else do you need to improve your gameplay? Some examples are The Grint, Hole 19, Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor, FunGolf GPS, and GolfShot.

  1. Golf Swing Analyzers

Once you start playing golf, you will get hooked, and if you are not able to make perfect swings that might disappoint you. How about you learn it with smart swing analyzers? These smart swing analyzers can be your savior on golf court as they help you analyze your swings quite easily. Golf swing analyzers use the tracking function and track your moves.

They have some sensors and are handy as well. Some useful examples of golf swing analyzers are SelfieGolf Record Golf Swing, Sports Sensors Swing Speed Radar with Tempo Timer, and Zepp Golf 2 3D Swing Analyzer. The swing analyzers provide detailed feedback of your swing, monitors your swing, and even record your video so that you can critically appraise yourself afterward. A golf swing analyzer is a perfect and necessary tool that you should have while you are trying to improve your swings.

  1. Golf Launch Monitors

You should keep the launch monitors on the top of your list if you are serious about improving your game. You can enhance your practice sessions and swings with the help of these super useful launch monitors.

You can even set up these launch monitors indoors on rainy days to keep the swings alive. With the help of these monitors, you can keep track of the swing speed, carry sitance, ball speed, ball flights, and launch angles. While keeping the record and monitoring these you will be able to score a good place in golf court and can also improve your golf game as well.

Not every launch monitor is suitable for every player but you need to do some research so that you can pick up a reliable launch monitor for yourself. Here are some of the examples like Swing Caddie SC200 PLUS, FlightScope Mevo, Garmin Approach G80 Bundle, SkyTrak, and many others. Some launch monitors are portable making it a handy gadget yet a necessary one.

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