Top 10 HTML Interview Questions and Answer

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HTML is widely known as Hypertext Markup Language. It is basically used to design the web pages and to make different types of websites. Website receives the documents from the HTML and then it renders it and it implements in the browser. HTML is used in different organisation also like in banking sector and finance sector, for giving fees and collection of payment through websites all of these are done by the website which is possible due to HTML and its codes. HTML elements are the main building blocks of the websites without any of them website will never start again. HTML provides a means to construct structured document by using different text codes such as heading paragraph, list, parent link and some others items. In every browser HTML tags are used but in none of them they are shown to the viewer but it is present in it otherwise the website will not work. javascript certification.

HTML is a markup language that is used by many of the web browsers to compose text, different images and other materials to the viewer for their advertisement or any of them main intention to show to the viewer. It is defined as internet engineering task force in the middle of 1993 publication. HTML 2 was launched on November 24, 1995 after that HTML 3 was launched on January 14, 1997. It had done some of the changes which had helped the developers.

Important questions and answers

  1. What is an image map?

Ans: Image name facilitates user different links for many web pages or particular single image. It is represented by the map tag which is very much useful.

  1. What is a style sheet?

Ans: Style sheet is used to build the consistent, transportable and decorative template. The user can add these templates on many of the websites to get a good response form the viewer.

  1. Explain the layout of HTML?

Ans: every website has a specific layout that displays content in the proper manner. In the following it has been mentioned in the detail layout of webpage:

Header section- it is used to make understand the user for the document or the top section of it.

Nav- it is used to redirect to the link provided in the website.

Section- it is used as a section in a particular documents.

Articles- it is used to define any particular article which is independent and self-written by the user.

Aside- it is used to define content aside from the content of the website or any web page. It is like the notes present in it.

Footer- it is used to define the last part or the footer section of a particular document.

  1. What is the use of span tag?

Ans: the use of the span tag is mentioned in the following:

  • It is used for adding different colour on the text. Either on the full sentences or each words.
  • It is used to add the background on the text of the documents.
  • Span tag is used to highlight any colour text or the full sentences.
  1. What are the entities in HTML?

Ans: The HTML entities are used commonly to replace the reserved character in HTML. User can also replace the character which he doesn’t wants to input. These characters are sometime knowingly changed due to the reserved character in the HTML.

  1. What is SVG?

Ans: It is used to describe the two dimensional vector and the vector art/ graphics. SVG images and their behaviours are found in the XML text files. The user can create and edit SVG image with the text editor. It is mostly used for the vector type diagrams like the different pie charts, 2 dimensional graphs in which x and y are the coordinates.

  1. What are the different new forms elements types in the HTML 5?

Ans: In the following the new form of new elements are been mentioned:

Color of the text.

Current Date.


Email shortcut.

Current time.

Url for any website.


Telephone number to be contacted.

Number of the office.

Search option.

  1. Which type of video formats are supported by HTML 5?

Ans: HTML 5 supports three types of video that are in the following:

  1. a) mp4
  2. b) WebM

c) Ogg