6 Reasons You May Need To Unlock iPhone


As good and beautiful iPhones can be, it can be really frustrating if you can’t use them because they’re locked. Thus, you need to unlock an iPhone first before you can use it.

The ease of unlocking an iPhone usually depends on the model you’re using and the unlocking software you use. You can also easily do this without putting your phone in danger by using an iPhone unlocking service at officialsimunlock.com or any other legit site that offers the same feature.

Unlocking an iPhone grants you with many benefits. This article talks about the reasons why unlocking your iPhone is important.

  1. Gain Universal Usage

The first and, probably, most important benefit of unlocking your iPhone is that you’ll gain universal usage. What does this mean? Well, with a locked iPhone, you can only use one network service provider. As a result, your phone will be limited, especially if you go to another city or country.

If you travel or move to another city or country, it’s possible that you won’t be able to make calls or texts, or even access the Internet. So, if you wish your iPhone to be compatible with a variety of network service providers, you should have it unlocked.

Once your iPhone has been unlocked, you can now use different SIM cards from different networks however and whenever you want.

  1. Be More In Control With Your Smartphone

Imagine having to use the most high-end and newest iPhones,but the things you can do with them are so limited. Locked iPhones usually limit your ability to modify them based on your preferences.

If you want to fully modify your iPhone and gain more control over it, you should have it unlocked. Once an iPhone is unlocked, you can immediately make modifications to it however you want. But, you need to make sure that you’re aware and informed about your iPhone’s hardware and software system to make full modifications to it.

  1. No Cellular Contracts To Worry About

Alongside having access to a network service provider of your choice, you’ll also be able to benefit from not having to worry about cellular contracts that are usually tied to iPhones. Some of these cellular contracts can go as long as two or three years, and can be a pain to deal with every month. For those iPhone users who default on their cellular contracts, the service will be terminated immediately and the users will be held liable for additional costs.

With an unlocked iPhone, however, you no longer have to worry about cellular contracts as you’ll now be able to use prepaid SIM cards with your phone.

  1. The Process Is So Easy

Another good reason to unlock your iPhone is because the whole process is incredibly easy. Even a person who doesn’t know much about smartphones and other mobile devices can easily unlock an iPhone by using an unlocking program or service.

But, before you can proceed with unlocking an iPhone, you must, first, jailbreak it. When you jailbreak an iPhone, it’ll allow you to run the phone on an unsigned code, such as a homebrew software or emulator games. It also allows you to unlock the iPhone. Jailbreaking an iPhone is easy and you can see tons of guides and video tutorials on how to do it on the Internet.

  1. Provides Extra Life To Your Smartphone

Another great reason to unlock an iPhone is that it can add extra life to the mobile device. Once an iPhone is unlocked, the owner can use the phone without worrying about switching between different network carriers or signing up for cellular contracts. Also, an unlocked iPhone means a jailbroken smartphone that presents a whole other usage value from your mobile device.

  1. Increases Resale Value

Lastly, unlocking an iPhone increases its resale value, and is actually desired by many smartphone users compared to a locked iPhone. Again, an unlocked iPhone is a jailbroken phone, which means there are so many things you can do with it.

For those who managed to unlock their iPhones, they’ll be able to benefit from the many unlocked features. They can also benefit from them financially should they decide to sell their phones. It’s important to note, however, that unlocking an iPhone will void its warranty, so you should still proceed at your own risk.

Final Thoughts

Unlocking an iPhone provides numerous benefits to the user, and the process can be done just by yourself in a couple of minutes. Once an iPhone is unlocked, you’ll be surprised as to the number of possibilities and features that’ll be available to you.

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