TIM unveils Magnifica FTTH service in Italy

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TIM has launched its Magnifica FTTH service in Italy. As part of this service, TIM is offering FTTH fibre optic ultrabroadband connections on the XGS-PON network, multiplying tenfold the speed achievable by TIM’s current GPON (Gigabit Passive Optical Networks).

Magnifica provides a connection with speeds of up to 10 Gbps in download and 2 Gbps in upload. The TIM TS+ technological solution ensures a powerful, stable and secure connection in every corner of the home, thanks to WiFi6 combined with certification by TIM technicians, signal optimisation and the Safe Web Plus service also extended to all SIMs in the household.

Magnifica also includes dedicated assistance with priority access to the 187 customer service and TIM stores. The Magnifica offer is available in this first phase, being tested in Italy for the first time, in the cities of Milan, Turin, Trento, Trieste, Bologna, Florence, Rome, Naples, Cagliari, Taranto and Brindisi.

Household members can simultaneously use different devices and watch entertainment content in high definition, such as football and their favourite TV Series, hold video conferences, challenge themselves online with the gaming of the moment, as well as manage home automation through devices with voice assistance.

“The TS+ technological solution gives rise to TIM’s new fibre, up to 10 times faster, powerful, stable and secure, simply Magnifica”, stated Stefano Siragusa, Chief Revenue, Information & Media Officer at TIM. “We are certain that with this exclusive offer we will meet the growing demand, at the same time speeding up the digitisation of the country.”

Magnifica: technology and excellence at the service of customers

TIM also offers, with Magnifica, TIM First Class assistance, which provides priority access to the 187 Service from 8.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m. and, by appointment, in TIM stores. Moreover, with TIM Quality Care, if customers are dissatisfied with the assistance received they can request a bonus in their bill.

The offer includes: connectivity up to 10Gbps, the exclusive new 10 Gbps modem with eight integrated antennae for the best signal reception in every corner of the home, the TIM TS+ innovative solution with certified and optimised WiFi6 and Safe Web Plus (parental control and secure navigation), also for the smartphones in the household.

With Magnifica, TIM also launches the new Executive and Premium profiles which enrich and complete the fibre offer with different performance levels and services included to meet the various needs of all customers.