TIM offers free mobile web access for schools, teachers and students

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Support digital distance learning to reduce inequality and further confirm TIM‘s commitment to helping the Italian Ministry for Education and school to cope with the coronavirus emergency.

These are the goals behind tomorrow’s launch of TIM’s “E-learning Card” initiative for all prepaid consumer mobile phone customers with an active data subscription.

The initiative is one of TIM‘s numerous actions to support education and is aimed in particular at teachers and students who will be able to surf without data limits on the main remote learning platforms in particular those indicated, following specific agreements for free use by schools, on the website of the Italian Ministry of Education (currently WeSchool powered by TIM, Office 365 Education A1, Google Suite for Education), without using up their data bundle. The E-learning Card will be open to other platforms indicated in future by the Ministry.

Users can activate the “E-learning Card” for free on TIMparty.it and access unlimited web usage, anywhere in Italy. An additional monthly 5GB data bundle for use from other EU countries is also available.

TIM has set up a number of initiatives for citizens, businesses and institutions during the emergency, to help make day-to-day life easier. For example, the Group has helped teachers and students who use WeSchool and the Google platforms by providing a helpdesk offering both technical and educational support. Among other initiatives in the world of education, TIM has worked with its various partners in “Operation Digital Risorgimento” to launch “Maestri d’Italia”, a special web-based school, free of charge and open to all, with daily lessons and fascinating talks that have turned the emergency into an opportunity to bring innovation into Italians’ homes.