TIM, eFootball.Pro bring esports to the next level with 5G

5G Network

TIM and eFootball.Pro have entered a partnership to prove how 5G technology can enable a completely new and advanced gaming experience, thanks to the impressive reactivity and the low latency brought by 5G.

The two companies have showcased a live demo at the TIMWCAP booth at this year’s MWC, giving visitors the opportunity to play PES2019 (Pro Evolution Soccer) against professional eFootball players connected in remote from the studios where the eFootball.Pro League takes place. Players can appreciate the innovative features of 5G also watching the matches in real time on extra screens – smartphones, tablets, Smart TVs – also in multi-mosaic view, enjoying multiple views (game /gamers room) and 4K/8K UHD resolution.

“With eFootball.Pro we are bringing esport to the higher level, making it a truly advanced entertainment experience by leveraging on the innovative features of 5G”, comments Mario Di Mauro, Chief Innovation & Customer Experience at TIM. “Thanks to 5G, players can enjoy a more realistic and performing gaming experience.”

“The partnership with TIM at MWC19 has allowed us to demonstrate that telco and esports companies can work together in synergy to bring a better experience to both players and fans”, adds Javier Alonso, eFootball.Pro Managing Director. “We are commited to ongoing improvements to contribute to the growth of the sector”.

eFootball.Pro was founded by football player Gerard Piqué, a frontrunner in providing a new esport concept thanks to a strategy that leverages on direct engagement of football clubs, players and the partnership with Konami to accelerate the development of the global esports industry and ensure their initiatives are perceived as top-level competitions.