TIM celebrates 100 years of telecom innovation in Italy

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One hundred years of innovation and continuous evolution in telecommunications in Italy, told in a video to the notes of Mina. TIM’s new institutional commercial will be on air on TV starting tomorrow, before the traditional year-end address by Sergio Mattarella, President of the Republic.

Sung by the exceptional voice of Mina, reinterpreting ‘This is me’ from ‘The Greatest Showman’ musical – Golden Globe 2018 as best original song and Oscar nomination the same year -, the video, entitled ‘Questa è TIM’ (This is TIM) tells of the pivotal role played by the Group in the country’s technological and social development and takes a look at the challenges of the future that go beyond connectivity, transforming cities into modern smart cities: from the IoT to the Cloud, Data Centres and Artificial Intelligence.

The commercial, directed by Luca Josi, Head of Brand Strategy, Media & Multimedia Entertainment for TIM, together with Luca Tommassini, who also arranged the choreography, stresses TIM’s role as enabler of connections, making communication possible, as has always been essential in the evolution of man, custom and society. All the elements of the scene recall the world of technology and connectivity and their evolution: from the copper cables to the rotary dial telephone, telephone booths, exchanges, mobile telephones, smartphones, optic fibre and 5G.


It starts out from the 1920s, showing the skyline of Turin, the city in which TIM’s innovation first began, with the key figures of the technicians in the laboratories and exchanges and the switchboard operators enabling the very first telephone conversations to take place. The journey continues with a review of the periods through iconic scenes from the musicals that have marked the collective image: the 1950s with ‘Singing in the rain’ and ‘Pane, amore e …’ with Sophia Loren and Vittorio De Sica. This is followed by the 1960s with ‘Grease’, ‘Dirty Dancing’ and Bob Fosse’s ‘Sweet Charity’, continuing through to the 1970s with the musicals ‘Chorus Line’ and ‘Hair’, whose protagonists dance around a telephone booth. This takes us through to the 1980s with ‘Fame’ and the mention of the famous scene of dancers, representing TIM’s technicians. The video continues with mentions from ‘Flashdance’ and reaches the present day with the most modern choreographies. The commercial ends with a group dance of the whole of TIM’s population, in an imaginary landscape represented by iconic monuments and architectures of our country.

Realistic atmospheres blend with pure fantasy, sought-after stage sets with innovative scenic effects, refined costumes and every detail carefully thought out, coupled with cinematographic visual effects to make this commercial truly a one-of-a-kind original. The commercial, which will be broadcast until 6 January, will be aired by all the television broadcasters in its full version, running for 3 minutes and 49 seconds. This will then be followed by a version for TV cut to 60 seconds, before and after the message by the President of the Republic.

The full version of Mina’s song is also to be broadcast over the radio, accompanying a press, digital and digital OOH campaign with high-impacting iconic installations in Rome and Milan.