TIM brings innovation of 10 Italian start-ups to #MWC19

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Selected with TIM WCAP, TIM‘s open innovation program, the ten digital projects range from e-sport to the Internet of Things, to apps for saving and organising events

TIM is presenting 10 start-ups from its TIM WCAP open innovation programme at Barcelona’s MWC 19, the world’s leading mobile phone event, as it continues to underscore its leadership in technological innovation and the development of 5G services and cutting-edge digital solutions.

The projects cover a variety of areas of application, including entertainment, emerging ‘e-sports’, personal finance, digital commercial solutions, mobile payment and AI-based Internet of Things solutions. These innovations are the result of TIM‘s commitment to creating an open ecosystem, where new digital ideas can find space to grow and become real businesses, thanks also to the support of many partners.

TIM WCAP’s stand is inside GSMA Innovation City and is an immersive experience dedicated to open innovation and start-ups. It focuses on new trends in network technologies, digital enablers and business models that combine 5G technology, Big Data and artificial intelligence to develop solutions and services that will have a big impact on daily life and doing business, as well as affecting industry, public administration and entertainment.

In proof of its commitment to creating a centre of Italian innovation, TIM has launched four TIM WCAP Innovation Hubs (in Milan, Bologna, Rome and Catania), where new digital ideas can grow into businesses.

The ten projects on show at MWC19 Barcelona

Applied Blockchain presents an application that makes online financial transactions and e-commerce purchases more secure.

Beam Digital has Life Sensor, an Internet of Things platform with functions dedicated to children, the elderly and pets, for personal mobility and for the home.

Dindarò are showing an application that turns smartphones into piggy banks for storing change from physical purchases.

eFootball.Pro presents an e-sport service based on the PES (Pro Evolution Soccer) 2019 platform, with the first professional e-football league delivered through 5G and UBB technology in partnership with TIM.

Fair Winds Digital presents IoT Catalyst, a tool for managing IoT systems in complex networks, infrastructures and industrial plants.

Messagenius is an instant messaging solution for companies and consumers with social media features.

Social Extender is a platform providing custom management of events, ideal for 5G hotspots.

Sogetel provides tools and innovative digital solutions for companies, presenting a 5G second screen with multi-views of live, streaming and on-demand content.

Qurami, a specialist in digital retail, has created an app which digitalises queue management, letting you book your place in a queue and check how long you have to wait in real time.

Vivida Web is showing Over Browser, an innovative platform for browsing and interactive communication virtualised in the Edge Cloud without requiring the installation of a client.