Tier 1 African Operator Strengthens 4G Network, Grows its Enterprise Business with Ceragon


Ceragon Networks Ltd., the #1 wireless backhaul specialist, has announced that an existing Tier 1 African customer is increasing Ceragon’s share of its business as it modernizes and expands its backbone network with the IP-20 Platform, replacing competitor equipment.

Additionally, the operator has selected Ceragon to help grow its enterprise business by delivering high-speed, scalable, interference-free licensed spectrum network solutions. In support of these initiatives, Ceragon has received orders of $3.8 million in Q2, for both equipment and services.

Ceragon is helping the operator quickly and cost efficiently upgrade and expand its network to 4G technology in order to achieve nationwide coverage and further bridge the digital divide. Ceragon’s IP-20 Platform replaces the operator’s legacy network with a more powerful and efficient solution that utilizes its existing spectrum to deliver ultra-high capacity using significantly less radios, energy and tower space – for a lower total cost of ownership. By leveraging Ceragon’s professional services, including installation and commissioning, the operator benefits from even faster, first-time-right implementations that light up 4G across the country.

To support the operator’s strategy to grow and differentiate its enterprise business, Ceragon’s IP-20 Platform delivers high-speed business connectivity using licensed microwave spectrum. This solution offers a significant speed and reliability advantage to the operator over its competitors, which use license-exempt spectrum.

“Ceragon is committed to helping its African customers modernize their legacy networks and accelerate 4G, as well as provide enterprise connectivity to drive economic growth and prosperity,” said Ira Palti, president and CEO of Ceragon. “Our IP-20 Platform wireless backhaul solutions are highly scalable, fast-to-deploy, and deliver high-capacity to support our customers’ current and future capacity demands as they prepare for 5G.”