The world of online Casinos: Slots, Roulette and more!


Online casino is where all the action is at when it comes to gambling in the comfort of your own home. Online casinos boast a vast selection of Slots and Roulette games for players to sink their teeth into.

The options are limitless, with the online games constantly updated and improved. They also regularly feature chat rooms alongside the gameplay, so the social side of these activities still remains, but with an even higher reach.

The world of Slots is ever-expanding and becoming more popular than ever. This is arguably due to the broad spectrum of different games that are available across all platforms. Now, to get your Slots juices flowing, let’s explore one of the more popular editions of the game that is currently on offer.

Buffalo Blitz is a another one of the prolific Playtech’s magical creations. With more ways to win than you can even imagine, this game is for those of you that want something bigger and better than the average developer’s production.

Gameplay is available for as little as £0.40, with the chance to win up to 300X your original bet. There are over 150 free spins waiting to be unlocked when playing this game. The best way to do trigger these, other than via the wilds, is to find the scatter symbols that are hidden in the game. The rewards for doing so are as follows: three Scatters = eight free spins, four scatters = 15 free spins, five scatters = 25 free spins and six scatters = 100 free spins. If that isn’t enough to spike your interest, then we don’t know what will!

Roulette is another extremely popular aspect of the online casino world. One of the most favoured games is Penny Roulette. Not to be sneered at, this game offers its players some affordable fun to perhaps prepare them for a higher staked adventure in the future.

As the name suggests, gameplay can begin at just a single penny, and if you choose the right number that the ball is going to land on, you could walk away with up to 35X your original bet. This edition of Roulette is perfect for those that want all the thrills of an online casino game without the financial worries of getting carried away!

The game accepts a variety of bets, which each offer their own differing odds. For example, to place a winning single number bet is worth 35:1, which with a £0.01 bet will return £0.36, but if you were to place a line bet that covers a selection of six numbers at 5:1 then your return from £0.01 would simply be £0.06. It’s probably not going to get you a week all inclusive in the Maldives, but a win will definitely cover you for the odd bag of crisps down at the corner shop.

Online casinos also offer a variety of Blackjack games. All Bets Blackjack is perhaps ones of the most exciting of the online options, featuring a few tasty additions to give players that extra edge. To name a few, these come in the form of the ability to split two cards of the same value for an additional hand, double your bet before you take a third card, and even the ability to purchase insurance when you suspect the dealer might be trying to conceal a Blackjack.

And that’s just us getting started! With six decks in play, this game includes multiple ways to win, straying from the norm. If a player draws a total of ten cards from the pile without going bust (this is called a 10-Card Charlie) then they automatically win the game, providing the dealer has not got Blackjack. This edition of the classic truly throws everything it can at the game, so watch out for the kitchen sink!

Along with theses classic, and sought after, casino games, the world of online gambling also offers the player a choice of live rooms. Now, where this differs from simply logging on and playing your favourite is the fact that you will have a bit of company along the way.

Perhaps drawing a greater similarity to the regular in-person version of betting, the rooms have an “opening” time in which you must click to enter and decide your first wager. With this, comes the previously mentioned chat rooms where you can discuss the game’s progress, along with other monitored niceties. The live room offers an extra element of excitement to the games as you are forced to play in the moment, and not just in your own time!

Hopefully, this has helped to open your eyes to the world of online casino gaming. Now, get out there and find your favourites!