Best times to play bingo


The time of day or night that you sit down to play a game of Bingo can definitely impact your chances of winning. A great tip for a successful Bingo game is to play at the ‘best’ time, and this is down to you to figure out! Of course, there are other factors that go into a Bingo victory, but timing is an important one to consider for a new bingo website to make a name. Make sure you keep reading to find out why. 

Study up

It is important to work out what the peak hours are for you chosen version of Bingo, whether it’s in a land based casino or online. This way you can determine the busiest periods and play when it’s less so. This could be really early in the morning, really late at night or in the day time between 9am and 5pm when most people will be out at work. If you play during these quieter times then your chances of winning will definitely increase. Watch the online players begin to disappear after 11pm as they go off to sleep! Why not test different times of the day out and see? Maybe if you play in a land based casino bad weather or the middle of winter may keep people holed up in their homes. Land based casinos have to give out the jackpot no matter how many people are there, so that should be a big incentive to venture out in bad, stormy weather! Another option is going to games where you know the jackpot is low as these might not be so popular with the high rollers, but could still give you nice some odds. 

Less money to be won

Unfortunately, playing during the quiet times can mean less cash up for grabs, particularly when playing online. It’s very simple – the busier it is the more cash to be won, while your odds of winning are lowered. So it comes down to what you value more – better odds or huge wins on offer. But playing at quieter times is a good Bingo strategy to follow, and its one that’s popular among many players. You see, if you are much guaranteed some sort of win, all the money that you acquire can eventually add up to a big sum! It’s likely that you would rather this than hold out for a jackpot that you are unlikely to ever win. 

Less distractions

Playing Bingo at a quiet time will mean that there are less distractions, this is particularly relevant if you’re playing at any land based casino. If it’s quiet then you’ll most likely find it easier to concentrate and it’s important to keep your head in the game! This goes for online Bingo and land based casino Bingo. If you didn’t concentrate in an exam or test then you’d fail, right? Well the same goes for Bingo! We’re not trying to suck the fun out of the game, but if you’re aim is to win (not just to participate) then make sure you are 100% in it. Some land based casinos have a no talking policy, and even if your weekly bingo night is a social occasion make sure you respect this rule or you could upset other players and that’s not fair. If you are not listening then you can miss a number, so remember this tip as it can literally be the difference between a win and a loss! 

Other factors

While timing is important, there are other factors that are just important in a successful game of Bingo. For example, using player chat rooms can put you at an advantage. This tip applies to online Bingo. There are often chat rooms where players can talk to each other, just like you can in person in a land based casino! They come with lots of little bonuses and advantages, for example they can offer bonus games or the opportunity to win free tickets. All of this adds to your chances of winning! But not only this, you can talk to more experienced players than yourself and gain valuable insider knowledge and tips. Of course this tip can also apply to land based Bingo games, as you can make friends and share advice if others are willing. Another great tip is playing with as many scorecards as you can, the more scorecards that you have the better your odds will be in making wins. It is so important to increase your odds wherever you can in Bingo. Of course, this might not be possible for everyone due to the financial aspect of having to keep on buying the cards. If you’re a beginner you may find keeping track of lots of different cards tricky to manage. But if you are serious about improving your Bingo skills and want that victory then it is definitely a skill that can be practised. Of course, although you have increased your odds by buying more scorecards, there is never any guarantee of a win. 

Final thoughts

Timing is key in Bingo, whether you play online or in land based casinos. Your chances of winning are increased when there are less payers around, but the amount of cash on offer goes down. Of course, this isn’t the case so much will land based casinos, as they are legally obligated to pay the jackpot on offer no matter the amount of players in the room. Also it’s harder to adjust your playing times in land based casinos as they have a schedule that you have to stick to. It all comes down to personal choice and what the player values most. Some people love playing Bingo for the social aspect, so there would be absolutely no point in them playing at a quiet time as their enjoyment would be taken away. To some players all that matters is the excitement of the huge jackpot on offer, so they should focus on the busy periods also. We are sure you’ll enjoy Bingo at whatever time you decide to play.