The Reason Behind The Rise of Mobile Casino Players In India


India is one of the countries in the world that has the largest online gambling market. The pandemic has a major role to play in the rise of online gamblers in the country, but there are many less other obvious reasons. In fact, the number of online gamblers in India has exceeded the total number in countries in Europe and some parts of Asia.

Apart from being the leader in the online gambling market, India also ranks second in the list of largest internet user in the world. To date, there are over 560 million internet users in the country. Hence, it is not surprising to see the surge in the online gaming market. Many online gambling platforms have been welcoming to Indian players to cater to the growing demand for online gaming. However, not all of them can deliver the kind of gaming experience you are looking for. That is why it is a must to choose the best option for players in India.

The growth of mobile casino players in India is linked to the following reasons:

  • Effect of the pandemic – While the majority of business sectors have been affected by the pandemic, the online casino world continues to thrive. The lockdown strategy forced people to stay at home and look for other alternative means of recreation. Online gaming has been a source of sanity in this time of solitude. Many online gamers find online casinos helpful, not only in killing boredom but also in making money in the comfort of home. To date, there are over 400 gaming companies in India, and there is constant increase every year in the number of mobile internet users in the country.
  • Rise in mobile games – Another reason for the rise of mobile casino players in India is improved smartphone usability and online game’s engaging and entertaining features. These significant improvements in mobile gaming technology have enticed many people to try on different kinds of mobile games. Many players prefer using mobile phones to desktops and laptops, which enticed many game developers to create a mobile version of the most sought after games. Hence, explains why many online casinos now have dedicated mobile app. A simple download will enable players to access all sorts of online gambling games with just a few taps.
  • The rise in India’s young population – It is obvious that India is one of the most populated countries in the world. More than 50% of its total population is 25 years old and below. There is also a significant number of people in their 40s, which is, most often than not, the target market of online gambling industry. These population groups look for ways to make extra money while having fun, and mobile casino games are a perfect choice.
  • The rise in internet users – There are over 560 million internet users in India this year alone, which puts India the second biggest online market in the world. As the internet becomes accessible to all groups of people, it is expected to see a further surge in internet users for the years to come, which directly affects the number of mobile casino players.
  • Advertisements and marketing campaigns – Another reason for the growth of mobile casino players is the result of the marketing and advertisement efforts of major online casinos in the world. Major online casino players and sports betting sites do the best they can to outsmart and outperform their competitors. One of the tested and proven effective strategies is heavy advertising through bonuses and special privileges both to new and existing players. New players are welcome with generous bonus packages, while existing players are given perks and extra credits as a token of appreciation.

The year 2021 has been a year of suffering for many, especially for businesses that require heavily on the number of clients. Many struggled to survive, while there’s a significant number of businesses that eventually shut down. Land-based casinos’ operations were temporarily suspended. Some were allowed to operate but within the minimum capacity.

Mobile casinos, surprising, are getting all the traffic and exposure they need. Online casinos are not a new thing, including dedicated mobile casino apps. They have been around for quite some time now but do not receive much attention until the pandemic took place. Today, many prefer playing mobile casinos over desktop and land-based casinos. The sense of security and safety and comfort and convenience are the obvious reasons for the success of such a gaming platform. While there are plenty of options for mobile casino players, it is important to know how to distinguish from regular mobile casinos to legit and top-performing mobile casinos. It all boils down to doing a thorough research and not be too impulsive with gaming decisions.