The best tablets with a big screen


Have you decided to buy a tablet with a big screen? It is the right choice that can replace even an old laptop. A larger diagonal means higher power and speed. 

We recommend the top tablets with a big screen suitable for work, games, and children. You can also play Andar Bahar online and other games on these devices.

The main characteristics

  • The diagonal screen. In our selection, all models are from 10 inches. They are less mobile but suitable for work, games, and drawing.
  • Type of matrix. IPS is more pleasant for the eyes – it doesn’t flicker and shows natural white color. AMOLED transmits saturated shades – ideal for games and movies.
  • Resolution. The higher, the sharper the image, but the faster the battery runs down. The minimum for 10-inch tablets is HD+ (1280×800).
  • Processor performance. Pay attention to the results of independent tests, such as AnTuTu. Fifty thousand points are enough for comfortable watching video or web surfing, 100 thousand – for playing games with minimal graphics settings, and 200 thousand – for selecting high settings, video editing, and drawing.
  • Battery life. For home or office will be enough 4-5 hours. If you choose a tablet for travel, you need at least 6 hours.
  • RAM. The minimum for comfortable surfing the web – is 2 GB, for games – 3 GB, and to work with graphics – 4 GB.
  • Permanent memory. 16 GB is enough for 2-3 applications, 32 GB – for music and a couple of applications, 64 GB – for a few movies and a dozen games, and 128 GB – for large multimedia libraries.
  • Wireless communications. Support for 4G and WiFi to access the Internet. Bluetooth is needed for synchronization with mice, keyboards, and other gadgets. Satellite navigation will determine your location and lay the route of your movement.
  • Cameras. Choosing a tablet with a large screen, read reviews about the quality of photos and video, or better yet, test it in the store. A 5-megapixel camera with autofocus will be enough for digitizing documents, and an 8-megapixel camera will be enough for making clear pictures. But cameras are not the strong point of the tablet. Manufacturers choose them on the residual principle – the best matrices and lenses go to smartphones.
  • Accessories are included. It can be an external keyboard, which turns the tablet into a mini laptop, a case, a docking station for recharging and connecting additional equipment, and an electronic pen.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ WiFi

It is the best tablet with a big screen and AMOLED matrix. Bright, saturated colors make games, movies, and videos realistic. And the high-end processor gives you all the power you need for 3D animation, complex drawings, and even video rendering. Moreover, the amount of memory is the maximum among all Android tablets in 2022. Therefore, the gadget will be a full-fledged replacement for a laptop.

The S Pen comes with an electronic pen for drawing, handwriting, or text selection. The functional button will take a photo, switch music, or presentation from 10 meters. The 13-megapixel dual camera shoots at a smartphone level – including portraits with bokeh effect and records 4K video.

The refresh rate of the screen is raised to 120 Hz. It is the best tablet in terms of image quality – the picture looks smooth in games, and four speakers AKG with support for Dolby Atmos technology play surround sound. If you rotate the tablet, it automatically changes the signal’s direction. When buying, keep in mind the high price – this tablet is more for professionals than for average users.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 LTE.

It is a cheaper tablet with a larger screen. IPS matrix reproduces a pleasant and safe for the eyes – suitable for working up to 6-8 hours a day in front of the screen. The S Pen stylus has all the features of the “older” model.

The 11-inch screen updates the picture up to 120 times per second – the video is smoother and sharper, and it doesn’t “jump” when scrolling through pages. The battery is enough for 15 hours of video, 8-9 hours of rendering, or 6 hours of gaming. CPU power is enough to run PUBG, Call of Duty Mobile, and other shooters with maximum settings. But do not expect a bright picture with an immersive effect – IPS matrix inferior AMOLED panels on the saturation of colors and black color depth.

Separately sold a keyboard that simplifies text entry. It connects via the right side’s connector and works faster than Bluetooth models.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite

It is an inexpensive tablet with a big screen and S Pen. The stylus recognizes more than 2,000 levels of pressure – you can draw graceful strokes and broad lines. In addition, the stylus works at any angle, and the screen locks out accidental presses, so you don’t need a glove. But unlike the older models, Tab S6 Lite won’t “pull” the work with three-dimensional models and complex animation.

An excellent large tablet provides inexpensive mobile communication. When you sync your smartphone, it automatically switches to WiFi hotspot mode. In addition, Samsung Knox technology protects your files by blocking information at the hardware level when viruses and hacker attacks are detected.

AKG stereo speakers produce authentic surround sound. In addition, the screen has a “bright” mode for watching movies with enhanced color saturation and a “safe” way to protect your eyes in low light.

Separately sold accessories for the tablet – a rugged case and a Bluetooth keyboard.

Huawei MatePad

It is the most prominent tablet with a frameless screen. It occupies almost 85% of the front side. This inexpensive gadget is convenient to use – the metal body with a rough coating does not slip in your hands. Thanks to less than 8 mm thickness, the tablet fits even in a small handbag.

It is powerful enough to play Asphalt 9, Genshin Impact, and other similar games with high graphics settings. The multi-Window function works with three applications simultaneously and adjusts the size of each window. Moreover, the gadget synchronizes with your Huawei or Honor laptop. To run apps on the big screen and share files instantly.

The battery will hold 12 hours of video or 7 hours of gaming. A 30-minute recharge will last another 2.5 hours. But remember that access to Google’s multimedia services is limited – check before you buy to see if your favorite games and apps will work.

Lenovo Tab P11

It is the best inexpensive tablet with a big screen for movie lovers. Meticulously calibrated IPS display certified by Netflix, Disney+, and Amazon Prime – reproduces the most delicate details of special effects in movies and TV shows. Four Dolby Atmos-enabled speakers round it out with surround sound.

Lenovo is also suitable for games with minimal to medium graphics settings and light editing. The 13-megapixel camera transmits clear images in all lighting conditions and substitutes the background behind you when needed.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7

It is an excellent large tablet for the whole family. A child mode restricts access to settings and blocks online payments. Parents can set the maximum duration of gaming and web surfing and create a “black” and “white” list of sites.

Unlike other 4G tablets, this model can be used without a SIM card, preserving all functions. When you sync with your smartphone, it automatically accesses the Internet. Calls and messages are redirected to the tablet if the phone is blocked. The A-series models are slightly slower than the Galaxy Tab S – you can see micro lags when scrolling through pages.