Tessitura Network Taps Rackspace to Drive Business Growth

Network Infrastructure

Rackspace Technology, a end-to-end multicloud technology solutions company, has announced the successful completion of work with Tessitura Network, an enterprise CRM for performing arts organizations, museums, and other cultural, educational and media entities.

Through the partnership, Rackspace Technology helped Tessitura transition its software hosting from a legacy collocated hosting center to a managed hosting environment on AWS, ultimately allowing Tessitura’s team of creative-minded engineers to develop new features for users.

Tessitura is a non-profit, member-based organization serving hundreds of arts and cultural organizations around the globe through a unified digital platform. The technology helps organizations build and maintain connections with prospects, donors, members, single-ticket buyers, subscribers and more.

Network Technology and Network Expansion

However, the company has been hosting its software in a collocated hosting center since the mid-2000s and managing its own hardware became a distraction from its core business: serving arts and culture organizations. Tessitura quickly realized its need for modern technology and a trusted managed service provider to maintain its competitive edge. The company turned to Rackspace Technology to help make the transition to managed hosting with AWS.

The Rackspace Technology team leveraged an architecture-based managed services and security-focused services approach to the project. To experience the full benefit of AWS’s cloud solutions, the Rackspace Technology team implemented Public Cloud Service Blocks, a flexible solution that will allow Tessitura to use the appropriate managed services based on the company’s current needs and add or remove additional services as the needs change.

“The Rackspace Technology team served as a true trusted partner throughout this project,” said Ron Wilson, CTO at Tessitura. “Partnering with Rackspace Technology has made us far more advanced, in ways we couldn’t have been great by ourselves.”

With the Rackspace Technology solution, Tessitura has the scalability, monitoring and security that it was looking for. With the increased scalability, the company can now focus on their app and adding features which enable their cultural and arts customers to create more meaningful connections with their audience.

The Rackspace Technology team set Tessitura up for future growth and scalability by helping us harness the vast amount of computing resources AWS Service Blocks has to offer. The solution has also allowed the team to focus on delivering the world-class features that help its members get their jobs done.

“Choosing Rackspace Service Blocks™ from AWS provided the Tessitura team with the scalability, monitoring and security needed to support the company’s future growth,” said Jeff DeVerter, CTO Solutions at Rackspace Technology. “The Tessitura team can now focus all of their attention on continuing to innovate and serve the needs of the arts and culture community.”