NEC, Netcracker and DigitalRoute Partner to Drive 5G Monetization

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NEC Corporation, Netcracker and DigitalRoute announced have a strategic partnership in which NEC will offer DigitalRoute’s Usage Data Platform alongside its 5G mobile core network (5GC).

NEC and Netcracker have previously collaborated with DigitalRoute to deliver the Netcracker Digital BSS solution to operators around the world.

This new partnership will include both DigitalRoute and Netcracker as
part of NEC’s 5GC product suite. It will allow NEC to provide an end-
to-end 5G mobile core network to its customers. The joint solution
gives communications service providers (CSPs) the ability to quickly
deploy 5GC with BSS functions that enable them to monetize any type of 5G business model, including complex B2B and B2B2X scenarios.

NEC actively promotes an open, virtualized infrastructure model in
support of 5G, utilizing IT, orchestration and network expertise.
Specifically, the standalone (SA) 5GC enables flexible operations,
supported by the adoption of container technology. In addition, the
SA 5GC enables the provisioning of network slices, which are ideal
for services that take advantage of 5G features, while also improving
scalability. The SA 5GC is available in the cloud, providing more
flexibility and options for CSPs.

“NEC is proud to add DigitalRoute as a 5GC partner and to offer its
advanced, experienced and cloud-native Usage Data Platform. We have a long history with DigitalRoute through the collaboration with
Netcracker’s BSS solution, and we look forward to providing a high-
quality, highly reliable end-to-end 5GC solution to transform global
CSPs,” said Michio Kiuchi, General Manager, 2nd Network Solutions
Division at NEC.

“Our partnership with NEC and Netcracker will enable CSPs and
enterprises to monetize any type of 5G business model, however they evolve in the future,” says Mauro Carobene, Chief Revenue Officer at DigitalRoute. “DigitalRoute brings 20 years of expertise in
monetizing usage-based business models, both for CSPs and across a wide range of industries. We look forward to continue working with
NEC and Netcracker to enable 5G monetization with our Usage Data
Platform, which is purpose built to track, orchestrate and monetize
usage data.”

“With Netcracker Digital BSS already in use by so many CSPs around
the world, working more closely with our parent company NEC as well as partner DigitalRoute will bring even stronger solutions to market,” said Bob Titus, CTO of Netcracker. “The industry leadership shown through this collaboration will provide real business results as CSPs begin offering new services on new networks while maintaining the highest levels of customer experience as well as accuracy and speed when it comes to billing and mediation of that service usage.”