Teneo Announces Dedicated Co-Managed, Managed Services with Silver Peak SD-WAN

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Teneo, the Specialist Integrator of Next-Generation Technology, has announced new dedicated Co-Managed and Managed Services offerings to support Silver Peak Unity EdgeConnect™ SD-WAN edge platform deployments, enabling global enterprise clients to accelerate the time to value when migrating to an SD-WAN.

These new services extend Teneo’s well-established consulting, professional services, and ‘As a Service’ offerings for SD-WAN.

Successive research shows that IT and networking professionals are expected to have ‘big picture’ business analytics skills to pave the way for innovations like cloud applications or SD-WAN. At the same time, there is declining emphasis on teams’ technical knowledge in back-end, but still crucially important, tasks of monitoring, upkeep and management needed for rearchitected technology infrastructures.

Filling this emerging gap, Teneo’s new Silver Peak Co-Managed and Managed Services provide 24/7 monitoring, upkeep and operation in ‘dashboard’ form for the Silver Peak Unity EdgeConnect™ SD-WAN edge platform, comprising Unity EdgeConnect, Unity Orchestrator™ and Unity Boost™ wide area networking technologies. The services also feature best practice recommendations on system maintenance from Teneo experts.

Teneo’s Co-Managed service supports enterprises that want to retain ownership of key infrastructure assets for their Silver Peak SD-WAN deployments. Its Managed Service offering supports companies that require less management control or want to avoid making additional networking team hires.

These new SD-WAN service models assist enterprises in planning or managing EdgeConnect SD-WAN edge platform deployments to mitigate risk and successfully deliver agility benefits such as adaptive internet breakout, QoS over bonded links, router replacement and unified WAN optimization to boost application performance and deliver the highest quality of experience to application users and IT organizations.

Teneo’s services take the day-to-day EdgeConnect platform management duties off in-house networking managers and administrators with a specially-designed service desk ticketing system, 24/7 monitoring from its worldwide network operations centers and quarterly reporting and recommendations. This expert support frees corporate IT teams to focus on delivering front-end functionality and business agility innovations.

Teneo service enablement, which includes monitoring system set up, infrastructure configuration and report preparation, carries a one-off cost while its Co-Managed and Managed Services are charged as a predictable monthly recurring cost.

Teneo’s ability to provide expert service capabilities draws on its successful record in WAN optimization since 2004 as well as SD-WAN implementations and support going back to 2011.

Once the customer’s Silver Peak SD-WAN is activated, Teneo’s team gathers in-depth, high/low-level information on the required deployment design, migration capabilities and execution, as well as acceptance testing and handover.

“As applications continue to migrate to the cloud, enterprises don’t want to be held back by slow connectivity or poor application performance,” said Michael O’Brien, vice president of partner sales at Silver Peak. “Architecting a new WAN edge with Unity EdgeConnect can help enterprises take back network control and capitalize on the full transformational benefits of the cloud. Partnering with SD-WAN specialist, Teneo, was a natural choice to leverage the flexibility of EdgeConnect to fill the IT gaps within customers’ in-house IT teams, providing the choice to maintain control or outsource management entirely for turnkey simplicity.”

Marc Sollars, Teneo CTO, says the company’s new services address fast-emerging gaps in corporate IT teams’ skill-sets for planning, deploying and managing ground-breaking technologies such as SD-WAN. He explains: “SD-WAN requires a fundamental rearchitecting of existing wide area networking infrastructures, so it takes networking teams away from their usual landscape of managing switches, routers and connectivity, towards the bigger picture thinking needed to continually analyze and fine-tune critical applications’ performance over time.

“In-house teams may assume that SD-WAN deployments will be straightforward in a landscape with fewer individual components. However, IT professionals have to concentrate so heavily on their application performance demands – the exciting stuff, if you like – that they won’t be around to check the dashboards, do the boring admin and deliver the in-depth reports behind the scenes – and that’s where our services come in.”