Telia Conducts Gaming tournament over 5G at Finland’s Assembly digi festival


Participants at Telia’s special tournament for gaming parents at the Assembly digi festival in Finland will get to play over a 5G connection.

At the Assembly festival in Helsinki on 2 August, the biggest computer cultural event in Finland, parents who have honed their skills to the max with their kids will compete in the popular Overwatch game in Telia’s 5G Parents vs Parents challenge. The swift twists and turns of esports are an excellent trial ground for the capabilities of 5G.

“We have tested 5G in different contexts with our customers, and now we wanted to bring 5G to the test for the specialist audiences at Assembly. For 5G, esports is one of the most interesting use cases, because both the connections and the gear must offer the best and most trustworthy options available. The low and stable latency equivalent to fixed connections is one of the winning assets of 5G in the world of gaming,” says 5G Program Director Janne Koistinen, Telia in Finland.

5G is expected to improve the throughput of mobile networks by more than 20 times and the capacity up to hundred times compared to current networks. The revolutionary aspect is the ability to connect a huge number of devices to the network and the possibility to enable services that require ultra-low latency and extreme reliability. 5G will enable for example autonomous driving, new concepts in e-learning and e-health and new types of critical industrial processes.

The 5G connections at Assembly are built on a Nokia test base station and an Intel 5G Mobile Trial Platform. In May, Telia was the first operator to bring a live 5G connection to the Finnish public at an esports event at the Kamppi shopping center in Helsinki.

Assembly is the biggest computer culture event in Finland, and brings together thousands of players and other IT enthusiasts. Held twice a year, this round-the-clock, multi-day festival is held on 2–5 August at the Messukeskus Helsinki, Expo and Convention Centre.