Telia Company acquires Swedish mobile operator Fello AB

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Telia Company complements and expands its product portfolio by acquiring the Swedish mobile operator Fello AB. The acquisition means that Telia Company will take over the whole operation July 1.

Fello AB started in 2013, has seven employees and the business is located in Gothenburg. Fello AB will be implemented in the Swedish operations and the brand Fello will remain within Telia.

As of July 1, Telia acquires the mobile operator Fello AB and its entire business and will be implemented in the Swedish operations. The acquisition means that Telia will complement and extend its product portfolio within a new segment.

Fello AB, which started in 2013, has had a long partnership with Telia, as Telia has been their network supplier. The company has seven employees and a customer base of about 45,000 customers.

“We are very happy about the transaction. Fello AB is an innovative company with a strong brand that has grown rapidly and doubled its customer base since 2018. We see continued interest in stripped-down services and Fello AB will complement our existing activities in new areas in a positive way. We look forward to welcome all employees within Fello AB to Telia,” says Andreas Ekström, Head of Commercial Business for Telia Sweden.

The brand Fello AB will remain with its own brand within Telia, and the customers will not be affected by the change. The deal does not require any approval from the Competition Authority.