Telent launches 5G Private Network services

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The launch of 5G Private Network services and a test facility at Telent’s Warwickshire headquarters will revolutionise communications in a wide range of industrial and commercial settings and major construction sites, paving the way forward for secure, mission critical wireless communications to be tested, developed and rapidly deployed.

The high speed, highly secure connectivity of 5G Private Networks support a wide range of application uses, ranging from automation in manufacturing and logistics, Internet of Things (IoT), mission critical Push To Talk (PTT) and Push To Video (PTV) communications, Secure Scene Analytics for CCTV and drone management. All of which will add efficiencies, enable innovation and reduce operational costs.

“The 5G Private Network project builds on our well-established history and expertise of designing, building, supporting and managing best-in-class mission critical networks. Private 5G networks offer the reliability of an ethernet connection with the flexibility of a wireless connection. This ensures secure, dependable connectivity with reduced physical equipment requirements that simplifies coverage for operational services,” said Gerard Donohue, CTO for Telent’s Network Services division. “The construction of our test environment will allow both Telent, its partner community and clients to develop solutions and services to innovate new operating models fit for 21st Century business operations.”

Telent’s new venture, which is powered by the high performing Nokia Digital Automation Cloud (DAC) application platform will offer businesses unprecedented levels of secure connectivity, consistent wireless coverage over large areas with high capacity and speed plus low latency, through a reliable private communications system. This enables organisations to reach greater levels of operational efficiency and allows for state-of-the-art technology solutions for process control and automation.

Nokia DAC creates a physical on-premise infrastructure with access points and edge computing capabilities, which scales from small to a large-scale deployment to fit the varying requirements. This is all managed seamlessly through a cloud-based management portal, simplifying deployment and offering a zero-touch approach to configuration and ease of operational management for the customer.

This approach simplifies deployment, making the 5G Private Wireless Network ideal for indoor and outdoor environments including manufacturing facilities, logistics and distribution centres, transport hubs, container ports, construction sites and campus environments.

Future use case development includes digital services for healthcare, higher education and large public venues. A field deployed Nokia DAC solution can provide a ‘tactical communication bubble’ that supports multi-agency collaboration for major incident management and emergency services.

The test environment will demonstrate how organisations can easily deploy 5G Private Wireless Networks for their sites, campuses and facilities to provide pervasive connectivity for operational, control, security and management application use. Several customer projects are already in deployment with multiple industry sectors showing significant interest in the solution including manufacturing, distribution centres, transportation hubs and construction. The Telent test bed will be installed with Long Term Evolution (LTE), 4G, 5G Stand Alone and 5G Non-Stand-Alone capabilities.

“Key technological benefits of a 5G Private Network include higher bandwidth and reduced latency for low delay-centric applications, an infrastructure with ultra-high-level resiliency for applications such as end-user safety, mission critical applications and high-speed mobility for more secure mobile roaming. Telent’s 5G Private Network services offer bespoke security settings and eliminates the need for large scale cabling systems to be deployed across complex and geographically large environments,” Mr Donohue continued.

A series of demonstrations at Telent’s Warwick HQ will give prospective clients and solution partners an exclusive insight into the capabilities of the technology, with the first demonstration suite being Nokia Group Communications for Push-to-Talk and Push-to-Video. By deploying the 5G Private Network services, Telent will deliver integrated demonstrations targeting a number of value-added applications and services showcasing the possibilities of private 5G connectivity and how it can support a myriad of connected devices to embrace the digital industrialisation.