Telenor India Deploys Huawei’s Blade Site Solution to Drive Mobile Broadband

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Telenor India has deployed Huawei’s Blade Site solution to provide Mobile Broadband (MBB) services in six operational circles. Blade Site is an innovative solution based on modular architecture which flexibly adapts to the changing demands of mobile network transformation.

“Telenor India has positioned itself as the most affordable operator for voice and Internet services in India. The cost saving and efficiencies are derived by deploying Huawei’s Blade Site solutions, which will enable us to stay relevant and most competitive in the mass market with better experience and enabling our customers to enjoy our services that promises full paisa vasool (complete value for money )”, said Parimal Johary, leader of Radio Network Planning in Telenor India.


Blade Site solution with its compact size and unified modules addresses the challenges arising from site acquisition, site rental and growing capacity for mobile networks. Blade Site solution has zero footprint which can be launched on a pole, tower, wall and rooftop scenarios flexibly. It does not require any cabinet or equipment room, and offers faster network deployments. Blade Site is energy efficient and environmentally friendly for green mobile networks.

Telenor India Deployed Huawei Blade Site solution for Mobile Broadband

William Wang, Huawei’s president of LTE FDD networks, says that “Blade Site will bring a business success to our customers as it’s a scalable, flexible, efficient, and powerful radio site solution. It meets every diverse base station deployment scenario requirement to support the MBB needs for today and future.”

Blade Site is already in large-scale commercial deployment worldwide. As of Q4 2015, more than 3,000,000 Blade RRU have been deployed commercially in more than 160 networks in 130 countries.