How Optus Satellite is connecting rural New Zealand and bridging digital divide

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New Zealand-based Wireless Nation has signed a services agreement with Mobile Health NZ to broadcast high quality health education sessions using video conferencing from Optus satellite van throughout rural areas.

The deal is on a ‘use as’ required basis over a 24-month period, and uses an auto-pointing satellite dish on the roof of the van.

Wireless Nation is an internet service provider (ISP) who provides fast broadband access anywhere in New Zealand, with a focus on connecting rural New Zealand and bridging the digital divide.

Paul Sheridan, Vice President Optus Satellite said, “Optus is pleased to be able to facilitate Wireless Nation’s delivery of services to its rural based customers. We know the importance that businesses and consumers place on access to internet and telecommunications services, particularly when geography can inhibit access to those services.”

“Together with Optus, we’re pleased to be able to provide the connectivity required for such an important part of Mobile Health’s business. With a simple press of a button, Mobile Health is now able to provide educational series through videoconferencing no matter where they are in New Zealand. This is another step in connecting rural with urban NZ,” Miro Sudzum, Marketing Manager Wireless Nation said.

Optus Satellite has the largest fleet of satellites servicing Australia and New Zealand, with six satellites currently in geostationary orbit. The most recent satellite to launch was Optus 10, in September 2014.

“Optus Satellite continues to strengthen its leadership position as a provider of choice with key enterprise and government organisations, both domestically and in New Zealand including Wireless Nation,” Sheridan informed.