Telenity Announces Enkudo Digital Services Business

Enkudo Logo
Telenity announces Enkudo: A new brand in Digital Services Business

Telenity, a provider of innovative services and solutions for communications networks, has announced its new brand, Enkudo®, for its Digital Services Business Line, with an aim to deliver a best-in-class service aggregation solution for mobile network operators and payment service providers around the globe.

Enkudo presents mobile operators a cloud-based robust platform endowed with a rich portfolio of premium services that pave the way to healthy revenue growth in the digital space. At its core lies comprehensive Service Subscription Management (SSM) and Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) solutions, both powered by Telenity’s telco-grade Digital Services Platform™ (DSP).

Enkudo‘s solution maximizes the customer lifetime value through powerful and flexible charging algorithms and reduces fraudulent transactions thanks to its built-in security controls.

“We are proud to announce Enkudo as a new player in digital services master aggregation,” said Aydin Kendir, GM of Telenity. “Leveraging Telenity’s decades-long experience and know-how in the telecom space, Enkudo delivers tremendous value to mobile operators in terms of growing their digital services business. In today’s fast-paced environment, our revenue sharing model helps operators expedite their digital transformation journey and generate new revenue streams through digital content from day one.”

As a fully managed service offering tailored for mobile operators, Enkudo covers both the technical and the operational aspects of their digital services business. From contract negotiations and reporting to reconciliation and settlement, the Enkudo team works in tandem with the mobile operator and the digital merchants in order to deliver the best value to digital consumers.

Enkudo leverages the marketing capacity of the mobile operator through localized landing pages, deep integration with operator bundles, co-branding engagements and omnichannel campaigns.

“Building upon our heritage in the telecom space, we positioned Enkudo as an all-encompassing digital solution provider for mobile operators,” said Osman Perksoy, VP Digital Services of Enkudo. “Our primary goal is to maximize the value to the mobile consumer through a rich portfolio of digital merchants. We collaborate with all related departments of the operator and help them overcome the challenges of the digital services business. We will be doubling our coverage to a dozen operators by the end of Q2-2021, and our digital merchant portfolio is growing by the day with exciting premium digital content. We are an agile and growing team with an aspiration to become one of the major global players in digital service aggregation.”