Telefónica UK Taps Ciena to Deploy Packet Network

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Ciena’s technology will be deployed by Telefónica UK to migrate legacy traffic onto a new packet network capable of supporting 5G, IoT and other next-generation applications.

This upgrade will help Telefónica UK introduce innovative network automation capabilities and obtain greater control of its network, which provides more than 34.8 million connections.

Ciena’s technology will enable Telefónica UK to move its legacy Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) infrastructure to a next-generation Adaptive IPTM network, better positioning the service provider to address customer needs and support the growing digital economy.

As part of the deployment Ciena Services and the 6500 Packet Transport System (PTS) will be leveraged to migrate Telefónica UK’s legacy TDM traffic to a modern packet network. Ciena’s 6500 PTS will allow Telefónica UK to continue supporting remaining TDM customers while also addressing new, high-growth applications across a single, converged packet-based transport network.

In addition, Ciena’s Manage, Control and Plan (MCP) domain controller will give Telefónica UK real-time visibility into its network to proactively identify and prevent potential issues.

“As a customer-led organization we remain committed to understanding and fulfilling our customers real-time needs. The upcoming integration of our legacy traffic into a new platform is a demonstration of how we work to continuously improve our customers’ connectivity experience. Migrating to a modernized network capable of automated services is absolutely necessary as we continue to develop 5G and IoT applications,” said, Jorge Ribeiro, Head of Infrastructure, Telefónica UK.

“Providing reliable and seemingly endless bandwidth should not be hindered by the cost and complexity of managing legacy TDM networks. Our solution streamlines the migration process and also homogenizes Telefónica UK’s legacy services and its network approach to deliver 5G and IoT services,” explained, Rodolfo Vigliano, Senior Managing Director of Sales, Ciena.

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