Telefónica Tech, Geprom strengthen collaboration on digital transformation

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Telefónica Tech and Geprom Connecting Industries, a Spanish technology-based engineering company specialising in the field of industrial automation and digital transformation, today announced a global commercial agreement to extend their collaboration in developing and marketing new automation, control and process monitoring solutions in the connected industrial environment.

These solutions help companies to manage production in real time; perform advanced planning and scheduling of activities; ensure the quality of manufactured products; and control assets and production efficiency. At the same time, they allow the control of logistics and warehouse processes in a totally digital, safe and sustainable way, contributing to the generation of new business models. The current Covid-19 pandemic has made it more evident that it is increasingly important to optimise processes and maximise productivity through digital transformation in order to maintain business competitiveness. In addition, this new agreement expands the portfolio of solutions with new value-added services such as the digital twin, predictive maintenance and blockchain, technologies that are increasingly in demand in the optimisation of production processes in the midst of the current health crisis.

The joint solutions developed by Telefónica Tech with partners such as Geprom facilitate the path to the wireless factory, improving the mobility and adaptability of production processes in all sectors, thanks to the use of 5G cellular technology and IoT sensors. Furthermore, the low operating latency of these networks; the convergence of all the management systems, control and production execution; and the integration into a single platform of all the data sources, facilitates decision-making in real time and unifies the production process.

The real-time collection of information also allows for advanced analytics by applying all the capabilities of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence in a predictive manner. Additionally, the integration of blockchain capabilities allows for the traceability of the entire production process between multiple actors. In this way, the immutability and irrefutability of the data is guaranteed, as well as its transparency and security. These functionalities will allow for the integration of so-called smart contracts, a type of contract that facilitates the blockchain that eliminates intermediaries and contributes to simplifying the processes and digitally strengthening the relationship between companies.

“This agreement allows us to expand our capabilities in the industrial sector, where every day our customers request integrated solutions with our IoT industrial networks, thus, together with partners such as Geprom, we are able to offer a comprehensive service and help our clients in their digitalisation and evolution process towards Industry 4.0”, says Gonzalo Martin-Villa, Global Director of the IoT and Big Data unit at Telefónica Tech.

“With this collaboration agreement at an international level, we continue to make progress in offering a unique value proposition in the market, so that companies have a wide range of solutions, products and services to ensure that their processes adapt to the permanent change required by the digital transformation we are currently experiencing,” says Dario Cesena Forcada, CEO of Geprom.

Telefónica and Geprom have collaborated over the last few years, offering industrial digitalisation solutions in Spain. The new agreement increases the geographical scope of their collaboration and strengthens the product portfolio.