Tele2, foodora collaborate on self-driving home deliveries

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Tele2 and foodora are taking a step towards the future of home deliveries. The Swedish telecom operator and the Q-commerce company have entered into a collaboration on a pilot for autonomous droids connected with 5G.

The pilot means that today the droid Doora will take its historic first rolling step to carrying out home deliveries in Stockholm.

Internet of Things (IoT) is a concept now being applied to Swedish home deliveries. IoT means that machines, vehicles, household appliances, and other things are equipped with built-in connected sensors and processors. foodora predicts that the number of home deliveries will increase significantly in the future, which is why foodora is constantly working to find smoother and better solutions adapted to the needs of the future.

5G Technology

By connecting to Tele2‘s 5G network, the Doora droid can perceive its surroundings, communicate, and thus create a situation-adapted service – self-driving home deliveries. Doora has a camera that sends information via 5G in real time to foodora, which can track and trace the robot, while quickly sending data to and from Doora.

“It is exciting that we, together with the innovator foodora, can carry out this test and get the opportunity to show the concrete benefits for both consumers and companies with 5G and IoT, such as stability, fast response rate, and higher speeds. With Doora, we really show what we can do with 5G, both now and in the future,” says Stefan Trampus, Stefan Trampus, Executive Vice President, Tele2 B2B and IoT.

foodora is a pioneer in many areas and we are a fast-moving tech company that wants to lead the change forward. It feels exciting to work with the forward-looking company Tele2 to create an innovative solution for third-generation digital commerce.

foodora’s vision is that several hundred Dooras will roll in Sweden in the near future, says John Denbratt, Chief Logistics Manager, foodora Sweden.

Facts about the test

The Q-commerce droid Doora will be tested around Stureplan today and tomorrow and can transport both food and other products weighing up to 20 kg. The plan is that the pilot together with two players will continue in the spring.

Facts about Doora
Speed: 6 km / h
Connection: 5G
Battery life: 8h
Charging time: 4h
Manufacturer: Yape
Delivery cost for customer: free delivery