Telco Systems Debuts ‘Edgility,’ a prepackaged connectivity, security suite

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Telco Systems, the provider of innovative SDN/NFV, CE 2.0, MPLS and IP solutions, has launched “Edgility,” a prepackaged connectivity and security suite for SOHOs and small businesses.

The solution is based on leveraging multiple low-cost WAN connections per branch to ensure a resilient, high-quality access, and thus reduce the total service cost to a fraction of a similar SD-WAN service. With a powerful, fully integrated class A firewall and an intuitive management system, this packaged solution allows businesses to significantly save on connectivity and security costs without compromising on quality and capabilities.

While SD-WAN becomes the de facto standard for WAN connectivity, its significant set up costs, the need to partner with multiple vendors, and long ROI pose a barrier for many businesses. Realizing that most customer-impacted connectivity issues happen in the access and at the edge, Telco Systems’ Edgility uses the combination of a smart load balancing and redundancy mechanism to eliminate the need for the costly leased lines at the core, without compromising on resiliency. Up to three WAN connections can be simultaneously connected per branch to ensure a reliable and robust connectivity, enabling Carriers to offer SOHOs with premium connectivity and security requirements that are tailored to their needs – and budget.

“To make a difference in the business connectivity and security market you have to think different, and openly discuss the real issues that businesses are facing. We wanted to keep it simple for them,” explained Ariel Efrati, CEO at Telco Systems. “With Edgility, we provide a super-fast, affordable, turn key solution for both connectivity and security. By giving up on the need for expensive leased core lines, and focusing on the reliability and security of the access and edge, we managed to dramatically cut the total cost of the service. We integrated a class A firewall and full security suite from our partner Clavister, and implemented powerful prioritized routing capabilities as well as smart failover on traffic degradation. The solution is not only reliable and cost effective, but also fully secured. We packaged the solution for quick deployment and zero touch provisioning, so that its benefits can be realized immediately.”

The solution includes a low-cost device and software for the branches, based on a universal Customer Premise Equipment (uCPE). In addition to connectivity and security, Telco Systems’ Operating System is open for service-chaining additional applications as a powerful source for differentiation.

Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) enables quick deployment that dramatically shortens the return on investment. The Suite also includes a cloud-based management system deployed on public cloud, delivering a seamless and secured access to the network, regardless of the level of its complexity.