Tecnotree to Focus on Innovation, Monetization and Digital Transformation for CSPs at CommunicAsia 2015


Finland based Tecnotree, a global provider of telecom IT solutions for the management of products, customers and revenue, is set to highlight some of its innovative solutions for communications service providers directed for transforming their business towards a marketplace of digital services.

Speaking about the company’s participation at CommunicAsia 2015, Padma Ravichander, Executive Vice President MEA/APAC, Tecnotree says that with customer experience fast becoming a key determinant of success for CSPs, in what is a highly competitive market place, at CommunicAsia this year Tecnotree will be showcasing its portfolio of solutions designed to drive subscriber loyalty, manage brand reputation, build a sustainable competitive advantage and enhance the customer experience.


“Most notably, these solutions, when combined with an agile IT backbone, allow the CSP to change ways of working to enhance and improve the experience of customers.

Tecnotree Agility Self Care – A self-management dashboard allowing CSPs to build brand reputation and enhance customer engagement through its 360-degree view of the customer, including services, billing, rewards, orders, customer care interactions, marketing messages, promotions and personalised offers. This solution provides an important and effective tool for evaluating customer behaviour and measuring customer satisfaction – allowing CSPs to orient their service to better meet the customer needs.
Tecnotree Agility Social Media Engagement – provides a comprehensive solution for monitoring, growing and measuring brand reputation across social channels. The tool allows for easy identification of key issues based on customer comments and helps CSPs to spot the latest industry trends and competitor activities. This tool provides invaluable support in today’s digital world – these channels of communication are ripe with feedback and insights, allowing the CSP to be both the expert in their industry and knowledgeable about their own perception in the market.

Tecnotree Agility Unified Product Catalogue – provides a solution for managing all products and services, from multiple lines of business originating from disparate product systems via an orchestrated user interface using simplified workflow processes. This solution reduces the complexity associated with product bundling, enabling a more agile product strategy and ensuring faster time-to-market for new offerings and ensures a seamless service for customers,” she explained.

The pace of change in the APAC region is significant – increased customer adoption, mobile penetration at 100% and a surging growth in data usage, make it a challenging and competitive marketplace for CSPs.

CommunicAsia therefore presents Tecnotree with a huge opportunity to engage directly with customers in this market, hear about the latest trends and requirements and see how we can work effectively in the region to support CSPs to deliver a seamless service and experience for customers – while also helping them to break through the noise and drive growth.

Despite demand in the telecoms market increasing, CSPs are struggling to find ways to monetize the consumer demand for digital services. OTT services help CSPs in the battle to remain competitive, but these ‘opt-in opt-out’ services decrease the loyalty to the provider, so finding ways to increase loyalty, ensuring the CSP can profit for a sustained period of time, is crucial.

Transactional or real time billing therefore, is now becoming imperative to ensuring that CSPs can monetize the benefits of this new type of consumer relationship. The challenge though, is ensuring the IT infrastructure of the CSP is moving in line with the direction of the market – namely, that the company is able to integrate new optimized BSS environments.

“Tecnotree has worked to develop its BSS Express solution to allow CSPs to do just that – the pre-integrated, ready-to-deploy BSS stack allows CSPs to manage their customer base and support commercial change by enabling quick execution of new offers, services and multiplay products to satisfy customers. The agility of this type of system means that other new technology solutions, such as user interfaces and social media monitoring, designed to foster a better customer experience and engender loyalty, can be easily integrated. Older legacy systems often won’t easily allow for this type of upgrade. As such, the CSP can spend less time on the basics of billing and charging, and instead focus on ways to enhance customer experience, drive competitive differentiation, and grow profits,” she explains.