Amdocs Debuts New Big Data Actionable Analytics to Drive Innovation for CSPs


Amdocs extracts data from customer experience, revenue management and network systems, into a big data insight platform; enables service providers to cost effectively collect and use big data for open innovation.

Amdocs, a global provider of customer experience solutions, has announced new communications-specific applications that allow service providers to aggregate data from multiple marketing, network and customer care sources and generate business and customer insights with actionable recommendations.

This announcement builds on Amdocs’ big data analytics launch announcement last year which introduced the end-to-end, communications-specific big data analytics portfolio and that makes data clean, accessible and actionable for service providers or third-parties to enable open innovation.

Amdocs’ new big data actionable analytics applications:
•Amdocs High Definition Marketing Analytics accesses the large volumes of usage data, web surfing trends, social feeds and care channels to help service providers transform the practice of customer management and upselling by using dynamic micro-segmentation for improved targeting and contextual analytics to offer customers the most appropriate new product or services. This includes multi-channel engagement and interfaces into the service provider’s product catalog and campaign management systems.

•Amdocs Deep Network Analytics provides a holistic set of network insights from the combination of radio access feeds, deep packet inspection from the network, and customer value parameters from business support systems. The network suite helps service providers to more effectively target their network capital expenditure towards more valuable customers, improve the connectivity experience, identify network issues before they occur and obtain a deeper understanding of the network factors that drive customer satisfaction.

•Amdocs Consumer and Business Satisfaction Analytics spans a wide array of data sources which allows executives to break down the siloed approach of different business units in order to assist business managers understand what drives customers’ Net Promoter Score (NPS) and resolve issues before they impact customer satisfaction. These analytics also improve the performance of the call center and self-care capabilities helping to deliver an optimal customer experience.

Amdocs’ expanded big data portfolio combines domain expertise with open source technologies and communications-specific tools to collect, store and process data. As part of Amdocs’ big data offering, Amdocs provides a wide range of data management services to improve efficiency, reduce costs and help service providers extract more value from their data. Amdocs is already working with service providers to evolve their data warehouses into cost-efficient and scalable data management environments. One example is Telefónica, announced today, which is implementing an Amdocs operational data store solution for its operations in Chile and Peru in order to consolidate data from multiple sources and deliver actionable business insights for faster decision-making.

“Amdocs’ big data analytics portfolio aids service providers as they meet head-on the demands of The New World of Customer Experience™TM, an era marked by the need to overcome internal system complexity to accelerate business value and deliver a differentiated customer experience,” said Gary Miles, division president for Amdocs big data and strategic initiatives. “This challenge is particularly acute in the context of big data with so many data sources often residing in proprietary and siloed systems across diverse areas of the business. Amdocs understands the data sources intimately and offers tools specifically designed to collect, process and expose the data in a secure manner.”