Technologist Anuj Mathur to head Compass IDC in Gurugram


IDC Gurugram, headed by technologist Anuj Mathur, will be Compass‘s sixth development centre worldwide and the third international development centre outside of the United States, following Compass IDC, Hyderabad, and Bengaluru.

The new state-of-the-art innovation and technology center will leverage engineering talent in India to develop cutting-edge solutions using Data, AI, ML and Cloud. Compass, Inc. is a real estate technology aggregator located in the United States.

Anuj Mathur, Sr. Director of Engineering, Compass, Inc. said, “Being a new-age real estate technology platform, it’s pivotal for us to continuously evolve and this is where India’s technology talent plays a pivotal role for us. The Gurugram IDC, reinforces our commitment to not only strengthen our technology talent pool but also leverage it to build new-age technology solutions that empower our agents to deliver exceptional service to seller and buyer clients.”

During the first quarter 2022, Compass recorded $1.4 billion in terms of revenue with an increase of 25% year-over-year. Last year, Compass agents did $250 billion worth of home transactions across the US out of which Compass had $6.4 billion worth of commission revenue. Since its inception, Compass has been able to capture 5.8% of the United States’ real estate market share.

Compass established its first India Development Center in Hyderabad followed by Bengaluru and now in Gurugram to develop its footprint in India. Compass IDC’s existing technical talent pool has been instrumental in the creation of cutting-edge technology-based products in a variety of sectors, including CRM, Marketing, Client Servicing, 3D Virtual Tours, and more. In fact, Compass’s Real Estate Knowledge Graph, an AI-based platform capable of detecting correlations between previously unrelated data sets, is fully based in Hyderabad.

The Compass’s India Development Centers located in Hyderabad, Bengaluru and now in Gurugram represent the overseas development centers of Urban Compass Inc., a US-headquartered technology platform empowering home buyers and agents in the US market.

The Compass India Development Centers is tasked with making advancements across the company’s technology stack, working across different technology verticals which include Mobile Applications, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics for Compass’ growing client base.