TDC NET completes rollout of 5G across Denmark


In September this year, TDC NET, as the first provider in Denmark, began to open up the 5G mobile network in Denmark. As part of that, 3800 mobile masts have been upgraded, the last night to today.

With that sentence, Denmark will be the first country in the Nordic region with national 5G coverage. At the same time, Denmark will be one of the countries in the EU with the best national 5G coverage.

Andreas Pfisterer, CEO of TDC NET comments, “Every year, Danes’ consumption of mobile data increases by about 35-40 percent. The need for a fast mobile network has never been greater. It is therefore an important milestone in our work to connect Denmark that consumers, companies and municipalities across the country can now benefit from the opportunities that 5G opens up. ”

Along with the 5G rollout, which has been completed faster than expected, TDC NET has increased the speed of its 4G network by almost 50%. In this way, all users will experience significantly higher speeds when both downloading and uploading data. This is therefore a significant upgrade of the mobile network, which is measured to be Denmark’s best.

5G well received

It is less than 3 months ago that access to 5G was opened on the first Danish mobile mast. But already now more than 50,000 users have access to the network, and approximately 1% of TDC NET’s total mobile traffic today takes place on 5G. A number that is rising day by day and will continue to do so going forward as the proliferation of mobile 5G devices and usage scenarios accelerates.

“We have a clear ambition to offer the best possible digital infrastructure for the whole of Denmark, and here 5G will play a key role. Therefore, it is extremely positive that both consumers and companies are already starting to use the network and experience what opportunities it can provide ”, Andreas Pfisterer concludes.

5G’s possibilities – now and in the future

To have access to the 5G network, you must have a 5G phone and a 5G subscription. If you have it, you will be able to access 5G in 90% of Denmark.

The 5G network is characterized by higher speeds, which makes it faster to download data to the mobile phone or mobile device. At the same time, there is less delay when data is sent from the device
For consumers, 5G will e.g. enable content to be streamed both faster and in better quality. At the same time, you will be able to use your phone for more advanced data services.

For companies and municipalities, 5G plays an important role in the continued digitalisation. In big cities, 5G can contribute to e.g. intelligent traffic management, within production and agriculture, the higher speeds in the network can contribute to increased automation, while within home care and healthcare, new and even better digital user experiences can be created.