Tata Communications launches DIGO Cloud Platform

Cloud Innovation

Tata Communications, a global provider of digital ecosystems, launches DIGO , an on-net cloud communications platform that improves customer engagement for digitally-enabled businesses.

The platform provides a full suite of device-agnostic communication tools that seamlessly integrate with an organization’s current applications, enabling intelligent 360-degree human-to-human (H2X) interactions for users.

DIGO powered by Tata Communications seamlessly enables tailored workflows by integrating and connecting fragmented communication channels, artificial intelligence (AI) platforms and connectors (SaaS and IoT) into one platform designed to be infinitely scalable. This drastically reduces the complexity of bringing solutions to market while focusing on delivering the ultimate end-user experience.

This newly launched DIGO powered by Tata Communications offers businesses a full suite of innovative customer engagement tools delivered over the best-connected network. This includes a customer engagement platform integrated with programmable building blocks such as voice, SMS, email, social messaging, video, text to speech, IVR, chatbot and analytics tools. The platform will also extend companies’ existing applications with an extensive library of connectors. This all-in-one solution is equipped with personalized, enterprise-grade services that ensure organizations achieve scalable, interoperable, secure, and compliant customer engagement outcomes.

“DIGO will open up a New World of Communications™ for businesses. It is designed to provide fast and intuitive omnichannel user experiences in a rapidly evolving digital world that requires agility, acceleration and hyper-connectivity,” said Mysore Madhusudhan, Executive Vice President , Collaboration and Connected Solutions, Tata Communications . “We’ve already had a tremendous response from on-demand platform, automotive, BFSI and healthcare companies to name a few. We look forward to supporting enterprise CX journeys with intelligent and enhanced user interactions.”

Tata Communications, part of the Tata Group, is a global digital ecosystem provider powering the rapidly growing digital economy in more than 190 countries and territories. With collaboration and connectivity solutions, core and next-gen connectivity, cloud hosting and security solutions, and media services, the company enables the digital transformation of companies around the world. 300 of the Fortune 500 companies are among its customers and the company connects companies to 80% of the world’s cloud giants.