T-Mobile Unleashes Innovators to Drive 5G Forward

5G Innovations

T-Mobile executives have unveiled a series of moves and partnerships called 5G Forward, all designed to accelerate 5G developer innovation. The Un-carrier is already America’s 5G leader, with the country’s largest and fastest 5G network, and now T-Mobile is leveraging its network lead to take 5G experiences to the next level.

Executives announced DevEdge, T-Mobile’s new developer platform; the Tech Experience 5G Hub, a new state-of-the-art innovation center; new T-Mobile Accelerator participants; venture funding for two growing companies; and strategic partnerships with Disney StudioLAB and Red Bull, to develop new 5G-powered experiences for fans. Taken together, these moves will strengthen the 5G innovation ecosystem and help unleash creators to build the 5G future.

“T-Mobile’s leading 5G network is already having an incredible impact, changing the way people use their smartphones and disrupting industries like home broadband. And it can do so much more,” said Neville Ray, President of Technology at T-Mobile. “But the Carriers have created unnecessary hurdles that stifle 5G developer innovation. Today, we’re here to break down those Carrier Barriers with a series of customer-first moves that make it easy for innovators everywhere to build a future that will benefit everyone.”

To truly deliver on the potential of 5G, innovators need two things.

First, they need a transformative 5G network that’s available nationwide. They won’t build for incomplete networks that only work for some people, some of the time. That’s why T-Mobile has blanketed the country with the largest and fastest 5G network.

Second, they need the Carriers to get out of the way. Building on 5G should be easy, but wireless developers run into Carrier Barriers that stand in the way. They’re forced to navigate a maze of hoops and hurdles with limited support, inaccessible experts, unclear pricing and certification that takes an eternity. And even if they clear all those hurdles, their solutions are trapped within the limited coverage of the Carriers’ lackluster 5G networks, making widespread adoption next to impossible.

That’s what 5G Forward is all about. T-Mobile is dismantling the barriers to innovation.

Introducing T-Mobile DevEdge

Today the Un-carrier launched T-Mobile DevEdge, a new developer platform that democratizes access to the network, making it fast, easy and simple for any developer to create connected solutions. With DevEdge, developers of all kinds will be able to:

Connect any number of devices to the T-Mobile network effortlessly.
Access a wide array of pre-certified modules, chipsets and devices and take advantage of streamlined certification processes to reduce time to market.

Leverage APIs and OpenSource projects that unlock insights into device performance and create opportunities to improve the user experience.

Collaborate with other developers and get access to real-time support from T-Mobile’s renowned network experts.

T-Mobile is also launching its first Developer Kit that will enable developers to connect to the network immediately with no strings attached. There’s no out-of-pocket costs, testing hardware or lengthy build time. And the first 1,000 Developer Kits are ON US!

But this is just the start for DevEdge. Developers can access amazing solutions today, most of which rely on real-time data from the Un-carrier’s LTE network. In the coming months T-Mobile will unlock new DevEdge features and capabilities, all to enable developers to build on its 5G network.

Fueling the Innovation Ecosystem

5G innovation can come from anyone, virtually anywhere. So T-Mobile has created an ecosystem to meet innovators where they’re at – from ideation to incubation, prototyping and beyond. Today the Un-carrier is expanding its arsenal of facilities and programs that help fuel the 5G future.

The Tech Experience 5G Hub is a brand-new 24,000 square foot technology innovation center, located just outside of Seattle and right next door to T-Mobile’s National Technology Lab. At the 5G Hub, partners of all sizes can access new 5G capabilities before they’re broadly deployed and work alongside T-Mobile engineers.

The T-Mobile Accelerator, T-Mobile’s incubator for 5G innovators, is the lead 5G partner in North America for Qualcomm Technologies’ Snapdragon Spaces XR Developer Platform. And now, T-Mobile has teamed up with Deutsche Telekom and five new partners – Beem, VictoryXR, Mawari, Volucap and Immersiv.io – to build new consumer experiences for AR glasses.

T-Mobile Ventures, the Un-carrier’s 5G-focused fund, is investing in SignalWire and Spectro Cloud. SignalWire is an early leader in Software-Defined Telecom, enabling voice, video and messaging APIs for developers to create modern communications applications. Spectro Cloud is a Kubernetes enterprise management platform.

Demonstrating Today What’s Possible Tomorrow

Finally, T-Mobile announced two new marquee partners using the Un-carrier’s transformative 5G network in breakthrough ways.

Disney StudioLAB – T-Mobile is joining the StudioLAB Innovation Program, partnering with Disney to develop advanced storytelling capabilities using 5G. The companies will explore new immersive fan experiences like Mixed Reality and Virtual Presence. They’ll also test new, more efficient ways to capture, produce and distribute content from the studio and remote locations.

Red Bull – T-Mobile and Red Bull are expanding their partnership, bringing live action sports viewership to the next level. With 5G-powered drones and cameras, the companies plan to deliver new simultaneous multi-stream experiences to fans. 5G cameras mounted to athletes’ helmets put fans in the driver’s seat, giving them a first-person view of the action in real-time, while 5G-powered drones provide a unique view from above.