T-Mobile Signs 5-year Agreement with Huawei to Develop Wireless HBB Services

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T-Mobile Austria has signed a 5-year strategic cooperation agreement with Huawei regarding 4.5G-based E2E network upgrades and particularly, wireless to the x (WTTx) services.

Historically, T-Mobile Austria has mainly provided mobile services and was previously without a fixed network infrastructure. However, since April 2013, T-Mobile Austria and Huawei have collaborated on HomeNet deployment and wireless HBB service development.

Within the past three years, T-Mobile has managed to achieve a significant increase in its number of HBB users. In fact, the year-on-year operational revenue growth of around 5.8% in Q3 2016 helped to generate a positive business quarter for the company.

The WTTx service collaboration between T-Mobile Austria and Huawei not only yielded good financial results but also received positive feedback from users and industry peers. In Austrian Internet Monitor’s (AIM) user friendliness evaluation held for mobile operators, T-Mobile was chosen as the most popular Internet provider in Austria, surpassing fixed network providers.

T-Mobile Austria has also been the most popular mobile operator in the country on 3 consecutive occasions according to renowned German industry magazine Connect and was also considered to be a top service provider during the annual fête d’excellence evaluations.

“HomeNet, our fast Internet for the home, has become the most important new product category for T-Mobile,” said Andreas Bierwirth, CEO of T-Mobile Austria. “We offer our customers fiber from the air without requiring complex line installation. Thanks to the rapid expansion of LTE, the mobile HBB market is strong. The rapid expansion in HomeNet user base along with B2B service development are poised to be the most significant revenue drivers for T-Mobile in the future.”