Sasken: Weaving Innovations in Automotive, Connected Home, and Wearable Segments


Sasken is spearheading a mission to drive the space of Communications, Connectivity and Digital Transformation by building ready reference solutions that will make a positive impact in segments such as Automotive, Connected Home, Consumer and Wearables.

Srinivas Prasad, VP and Head – Communications and Devices Business Unit, Sasken, speaks with Zia Askari from about the way Sasken is putting together its innovations showcase at Mobile World Congress 2017.

What are the key focus areas for Sasken today?

Sasken has deep expertise in areas related to Semiconductors, Android, end-to-end device development and Automotive. Over the years, we have taken our embedded expertise into other segments and have solved technical and business problems for our customers in areas such as Automotive, Consumer, Wearables, Satellite and Industrials.

We continue to make significant investments in building reference solutions by partnering with leading platform companies to serve the segments related to IoT, Home Gateway solutions, 5G and Wearables. We continue with our commitment to leverage technology to solve problems for our customers.

How does the company look towards this whole space of 5G and IoT as an opportunity?

Sasken will continue to offer product based services in the 5G area and has started to work on contributing to standards. Apart from various things, one of the activities that we are working on is to develop a test bench to demonstrate a MIMO management solution. We are working with customers and helping them develop various solutions which would form as critical enablers for IoT. These would be in the area of automotive, smart homes, wearables, and consumers.

What kinds of innovations are being led by Sasken today?

The speed at which technology changes and the hypercompetitive business environment we operate in, poses many challenges and it’s important for us to continue to be known as an innovative company with an in-depth expertise in enabling our customers to commercialize their products at a faster time-to-market. We continue to invest in building relevant solutions and patents in the area of IoT, Wearables and 5G.

What is your vision for the connected society, what role can be played by Sasken as a catalyst in this space?

Sasken has embarked on a mission to make Communications, Connectivity and Digital Transformation solutions as the core focus by building ready reference solutions that will make a positive impact in segments such as Automotive, Connected Home, Consumer and Wearables.

Our focus on providing end-to-end value by supporting customers in building high-end secure applications, cloud infrastructure, and analytics for all kinds of connected devices of varying form factors makes us the partner of choice for many global leaders. We are extremely excited with the transformation the industry is going through and will continue to focus on investing in these segments.

Please share details on your focus at this year’s MWC.

MWC continues to be a very important event for us. The theme of ‘connected consumers’ relates to Sasken extremely well and we will focus on demonstrating certain solutions that we have built in the areas of IoT, Wearables, 4G Dongles, Connected Car Gateway and Connected Home Gateway among others.

The words ‘mobile’ and ‘being connected’ has become a pre-requisite and foundation in every segment of what we do. We are very delighted to hear from our customers that we play a very key role across the mobile ecosystem and its adjacent industry sectors and are contributing in shaping the mobile landscape. This year’s MWC is a fantastic platform to talk about what we do in these areas and explore further relationships with our existing and potential customers.

What are the key geographies for you as an organization? Please share your growth plans?

We have clients around the globe and in today’s world every customer wants to make a global footprint by launching customized products and solutions worldwide. We continue to work with our global clients who have major footprint in US, Europe, China, Japan and Korea.

Our primary growth and investment areas will continue to be in Product Engineering and Digital Transformation. We have identified key sectors that offer growth opportunities for us in Product Engineering services and have sharpened our focus on them. In similar vein, we believe that there is a significant upside for Digital Transformation services in several sectors.